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Window Bed, Brown Wall, White Wainscoting, White Bench, Red Cushion, Red Pillows, Wooden Floor, Brown Wall
Window, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Wooden Built In Shelves, White Bed, White Cushion, Blue Converter
Window Bed, Cream Stairs, White Wall, White Sconces, Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows
Window, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall, Wooden Beams, White Wall, White Built In Shelves, Grey Cushion, Star Pendant
Window, White Built In Bench, Blue Cushion, Glass Window, White Pendant
Window Cushion, Grey Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, White Pillows, White Pendant, White Curtain
Window, White Cabinet Under, White Built In Shelves, Glass Window, Glass Sconces, Grey Cushion, Soft Pillows
Window, Cream Marble Floor, White Wall, White Curtain, White Cushion, Pillows, Glass Window
Window, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Shelves, Grey Cushion, Grey Pillows, Dark Grey Cushion
Window Bed, White Tufted Cushion, White Bench, White Built In Shelves, Glass Windows, Golden Pendant

Window is always a great place to so many activities. It can be a great place to read, it can be a bright place to wake up and have breakfast in, and it can be a place where you talk to your friends and family. As there are many things you can do near the window, creating a comfortable window bed or seat can be one of the best things you can do. Here below are ten cozy window seats or beds that will make you create your own.

Bright and Airy
Having some alcove in the house can be really fun. It can be turned into a perfect window seat, like this one. This one here also has a high ceiling that the alcove feels so airy. The glass window brings in bright light to the space.

Tufted Comfort
This one here puts comfortable ambiance by putting everything in bright and white look. The look is completed by adding tufted cushion to the seat. With built-in shelves on the side, this one is perfect for reading time.

Corner Alcove
This alcove has a corner space yet still look bold and warm. The red cushion and pillows make a nice and pretty combination with the brown wall. The space allows you to sit and lay around.

Soft Alcoves
This alcove brings out a soft and minimalist look. Just like the previous one, this one also has built-in shelves that would be perfect for a reading space. The glass sconces bring light look and match the bright ambiance.

Shelves Under
This one also has shelves to support the alcove to be a a nice reading space. Unlike the previous ones, this one has the shelves under the bed and let the bed a perfect place to take a rest.

Comfortable Alcove
This alcove brings out comfortable look with the warmth seen in the wooden floor and beams at the entrance of the alcove. Apart from that, the setting is decorated in minimalist and neutral ambiance.

Small Alcove
Although the alcove is small, this one here puts enough space to lay around. And with curtain, it would be easier to get some more privacy if you need one. This one here is a perfect place to get your own time to relax.

Window Bed
If you have alcove in the bedroom, the alcove can be a perfect place to put the bed. That way, you would be able to get all the space left for your furniture. This one here brings out the best alcove bed area with the glass window and the tall curtain at the entrance.

Window Bay
This one successfully creates a fresh window bay that anyone will love to see in the morning. The small space is simple yet refreshing with its simple and light look on it.

Relaxing Window Seat
Although this one here is not in the alcove, it brings out comfort and bright look as good as the others in the alcove. With double lounge chairs, it brings comfort while the neural minimalist look brings out modernity.

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