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black hal window shutters, white wall, wooden herringbone floor, wooden dining table, white wooden chairs, black pendant The Shutter Store

Orange, Yellow, Shade, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Brown Shade Curtain, Grey Wall, Grey Seamless Floor, Brown Rug, Brown Wooden Chair
Off White Straight Shade Curtain
White Window Shutters, White Wall, Brown Leather Chairs, White Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Wooden Table
Black Shade To The Window, White Wall, Wide Table, White Bed With Black Cover, Black Rug
Black Hal Window Shutters, White Wall, Wooden Herringbone Floor, Wooden Dining Table, White Wooden Chairs, Black Pendant
White Straight Shade, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, White Rug, Black Simple Coffee Table
White Wooden Window Shutters, Blue White Plaid Curtain, White Wall, Blue Ceiling, Wooden Floor, White Tub
Flexible Black Shade From The Bottom, White Subway Wall Tiles, White Bottom Cabinet, Brown Marble Counter Top
White Window Blinds With Patterns, White Wall, White Subway Tiles

Having bright light is sure nice. However, sometimes we also want the privacy. We also want to have some shade to the room when the day is the hottest. Some blinds are needed to protect us in the hottest day of summer. And these below are ten beautiful window blinds you want to protect your room from blinding light.

White Patterns
Window blinds can be really beautiful when it has patterns like this one. When the light shines, it can create a dramatic effect to the room. The white light from the delicate pattern of the blinds gives an interesting shade inside.

Black Blinds
With black blinds, the lights will be even more shaded. This is perfect for a room where you want to rest, like a bedroom. In this modern bedroom, the black blinds look just in the right place.

Flexible Shade
This one is a shade that you can rise and pull down according to your need. This is perfect where a good weather is not its strong point. When the weather is unpredictable, the light becomes unpredictable as well. This shade is perfect for that.

Orange Shade
If you love the kind of shade that Japanese love, you might love this one. Unlike the Japanese though, this one here is in cheerful colors that will make your room look more fresh and amazing.

Japanese Shade
This one here is more similar to the Japanese shade with brown cotton curtain installed from the ceiling. With this kind of shade, you will be able to control the shade by sliding the shade to the side.

Stack of Curtain
Similar to the straight curtain in the previous ones, this one also puts straight curtain on the window. Making it interesting and pretty, the straight curtain is installed in stack.

White Shade
If you love something simple, you would want to put some of these shades to your room. These white straight curtain is so simple it is perfect for modern living room. The straight surface brings simplicity and clean finish to the window.

Window Shutters
If curtain is something that you don’t want to deal every morning and afternoon, you might love to get window shutters for your room. With window shutters, you will get the shade, the privacy and you don’t have to open and close every time.

Pretty Combination
In this bathroom, you can see a pretty combination in the window. The top part of the window is glass while the bottom part is wooden shutters. This combination looks so fresh and interesting. And to put some shade in the glass part, blue white plaid curtain is ready to be pulled down.

Half Shade
Similar to the previous one, this one also uses window shutters in interesting setting with only bottom half of the window is shaded. The dark color option is a nice contrast to the white dining room.

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