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Asian living room with beige walls frosted glass sliding doors with wooden trims leather brown sofa cream rug light toned wooden floors brass standing lamp Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

Trendy Bedroom Design With Beige Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors White Trim Iron Fences White Rug Table Lamp Round Table Dark Green Roman Shades
Minimalist Dining Room Design With Beige Walls And Blinds And Dark Hardwood Floors Kitchen Set Table And Chairs Wooden Cabinet
Traditional Living Room White Wall Glass Sliding Doors White Trim Medium Toned Wooden Floors Red Rug Brown Leather Sofa Outdoor Striped Sofa Set Pendant Lamp Fireplace
Trendy Bedroom With Dark Hardwood Floors White Sheet And Pillow Glass Sliding Doors With Custom Made Window Covers Table Lamp Brown Wooden Cabinet
Midcentury Bedroom With Beige Walls And Carpet Brown Chair Red Pillow Throw White Painted Deck Wooden Ceiling Outdoor Table Set Table Lamp Beige Blinds
Trendy Living Room With Beige Walls And A Ribbon Fireplace Carved Wood Panels On Glass Sliding Doors Rattan Chair Granite Tiles And Table Beige Sofa Multi Colored Pillow Throws Accent Rugs
Rustic Bedroom Idea With Beige Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Brown Drapes Wooden Deck Walls And Ceiling Wooden Bed Cream Rug
Contemporary Bathroom With White Tub Vessel Sink Frosted Glass Floor To Ceiling Partition Door Ceramic Tiles Purple Rug White Floating Cabinets
Asian Living Room With Beige Walls Frosted Glass Sliding Doors With Wooden Trims Leather Brown Sofa Cream Rug Light Toned Wooden Floors Brass Standing Lamp
Trendy Formal Living Room With A Ribbon Fireplace And White Walls Glass Wall And Sliding Doors Red Chairs White Sofa Accent Rug

Sliding Glass Doors are good-looking feature that is versatile. It can be used in your kitchen, bedroom, even as your bathroom’s doors. If you are planning to use sliding doors but is confused to use the matching window covering, then worry not. This article will give you dramatic window covering for your stylish sliding lass doors.

Roman Shades above the Frame Cover

Roman shades can be a beautiful cover for your sliding doors or regular windows too. Placing it above the frame cover creates gap that is visually pleasing.

Blinds for Glass Sliding Doors in Your Kitchen

Natural light is good to enlighten your room spaces. However, you need to adjust the brightness by installing the right cover. Here, the blinds are used to cover the lass sliding doors and windows in such placement that it looks highly aesthetic.

Rustic Bedroom in Country Drapes

Rustic theme deserves country detailed features. This bedroom uses rustic drapery that match the theme. the color also matches the bedroom nuance as well. This is an example of perfect rustic bedroom ideas you should follow.

Sliding Glazed Door Panel Ideas

If you want to reinforce the translucent, light-filled room, you may try the sliding glazed door panel. These sliding doors in the bathroom below matches the proportion of the exterior wall opening, gives enough lighting to make the bathroom area looks inviting.

Sliding Doors with Matching Blinds Color.

Using the same color tone in the details creates a synergy force in the particular area. Here, the room use the tone of red by painting the sliding trim door in brown, using brown chair in the bedroom and color the rest in soft cream color for better sleep.

Glass Sliding Doors in Glass Wall

Glass wall is a fine option if you want to get natural light in your interior. Especially if you have beautiful view outside. Yet you need to install big curtains to cover the wall if you need some privacy too, like this beautiful living room ideas below.

Carved Wood Panel Cover for Glass Sliding Doors

Carved wood panel can be an iconic detail to be used in your interior design. using a high quality of carving, your glass sliding doors can be beautified by these elements. Adding some wooden element, such as a rattan chair can be a excellent idea for a finishing touch.

Frosted Glass Sliding Doors in Asian Style House

Glass sliding doors is a famous feature for Asian house style and with the right features, you can have a cozy room. This room uses frosted glass and the wooden tones on its elements ensure your desire to have the most perfect Asian house style.

Large Glass Sliding Door Idea in Traditional White Living Room

Glass sliding doors also goes well in traditional American house. the room below use rather large sliding doors in white trim to match the living room tone and the owner only needs to use the right furniture to points out its traditional elegance.

Custom Made Glass Sliding Doors Covering

Custom made blinds for your glass sliding doors are the last idea that you can try in your house. by using a custom made curtains it will fulfill the exact look of your imagination room, you don’t need to spend time choosing the right linen when you can make it real.

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