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window nook with wooden bench, pink cushion, pillows, white wooden wall, white wooden ceiling, windows with shade Cafe Design

Window Nook, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bench, White Cushions, Pillows, Off White Shade On Windows, Green Rattan Chair
Window Nook, White Bench, Cushion, White Wall, Sconces, Pendant, Built In Shelves Inside
Window Nook With Wooden Bench, Pink Cushion, Pillows, White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, Windows With Shade
Window Nook With Wooden Bench, Pink Cushion, Pillows, White Wooden Wall, White Wooden Ceiling, Windows With Shade
Window Nook, White Floor, White Wooden Planks Wall, Wooden Bench With Drawers, Blue Cushion, Shelves Built In Inside, Windows, Patterned Curtain, Floating Shelves
Window Nook, Beige Wall, Wooden Platform, Sofa Bed, Drawers Under, Windows
Window Nook With Arch Ceiling, Grey Top Half Wall, White Molding Wall, White Bench With Cushion, Sliding Bed Under
Window Nook, Bed, White Platform With Drawers, Blue Wall, White Wooden Moldign Wall, Windows
Window Nook, Wooden Floor, White Bench, Plaid Cushion, Sage Green Wall, White Shelves And Drawers, Sconces, Drawers Under The Bench
Window Nook, Wooden Floor, Black White Plaids Rug, White Shelves, White Bench, Pink Cushion, Pillows, Green Wall, Pendants

Having a window nook is really exciting. When having a nook in the window, people can help having an exciting time planning on what to do with the window nook. Well, here below are probably what you need to see to get some ideas. As some people like to relaxing while staring out of the window, the seating below are not only for sitting around but also to lie around all day. Probably with books and some snacks.

Under the Arch
Not only a window nook, this one also has an interesting ceiling. The arch ceiling is definitely a great addition to this window nook. With not too large window, this window nook is perfect to lay around all day. And it also has sliding bed under the bench!

On the Corner
This window nook in the corner has two window sides. As it can be really blinding, this one has a soft shade to cover it. On the wooden bench, a comfortable seating with many pillows are seen so beautifully.

Neutral Touch
To make a seating an ideal place to take a nap, it should be really comfortable from the material and the look of it. And this one here has done that pretty well. The neutral colors on the window nook looks so inviting.

Perfect Hide Out
This one here creates a perfect hide out in the home. With pretty look and comfortable cushion and pillows, it allows you to take a nap easily or to just sit around. The built in shelves inside enables you to reach any book. And the sconces are ready when it’s getting dark outside.

Sofa Bed on Window
The presence of sofa bed in the window nook is a blessing for those who love to get some relax in the sofa bed. With large space, it is possible to invite some of your friends to have a nice time together. The drawers under the cushion is practical and pretty too.

Rustic Nook
This one is another window nook under the arch ceiling. However, this one here looks so rustic with wooden ceiling and platform in front of the window. The large platform enables a bed to sit in. The drawers under let you keep your things nicely.

Fun Nook
With more bold colors on the nook, the nook will look more inviting for children. Adding some patterns on the curtain and rug will make it more exciting. With built-in shelves, this allows children to keep their small toys and mementos.

Simply Comfortable
Creating comfortable area can be really easy when you know what you want. This one here does not look too much. It’s just shelves, bench, and comfortable cushion with pillows. Of course, the final touch of plaids rug and interesting pendant help this nook look great.

Long Bench
Having a long line of window can make a great window nook. It might not look so closely wrapping you but with long bench, it means it can accommodate more people, and of course enables you to straighten your legs.

Plaid Vibe
An interesting touch on the cushion will make the room feels great. Seen in this one, a white neutral window nook with plaid cushion. It definitely make the nook looks comfortable.

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