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Creating comfort and warmth in the children’s bedroom can be done by adding some plushy furniture or creating more places to sit. These ones below create comfort by adding window seat in the bedrooms. By the addition of seating, the room feels more inviting to sit around and have a good read while the bright light from the glass windows brings warmth to the room. If you want to look for some inspiration, you will find them here.

Drawers Addition
Besides adding warmth to the room, window seat can also add extra addition to the room, like seen in this one. The window seat is a built-in bench with drawers under with neutral grey cushion. These drawers match the other drawers under the bed platform.

In the Alcove
If your kid’s room has an alcove, it is a great thing to turn it into a comfortable window seat like this one. And similar to the previous one, this one window seat is not just a place to sit around and enjoy the books that stored in the indented shelves on the side of the wall as it also offers drawers as extra storage.

Pretty Details
In this one, the window seat has a pretty details on the side of the shelves. This brings nice accent to the pretty room, complemented by pink accent on the wall that matches the pillows on the window seat.

Cute and Simple
In this one, the window seat is simple with two row of drawers. Placed near a simple window, the window seat looks bright with enough light. However, the room itself is brightened also by tall glass door. To control the brightness, thin shades are added to the door and window.

Cheerful Cushion
In making some comfortable place for children, it is essential to make the spot in the ambiance the children like. Addin patterns, pictures and bright color things might strengthen the space. This one puts all in once place: orange bold cushion, patterned pillows and boat patterned curtain.

Cheerful Space
This one below also gives a cheerful ambiance. The space is decorated with patterned pillows on the bench, low table set to role place and sweet pink rug and basket. All this create a sweet ambiance.

Colorful Patterned
The fun thing about this one below is the bright pattern seen in the cushion, wall, pillows, rug and even the office chair. This combination makes the room look merry.

Under the Vaulted Ceiling
An interesting architecture shape is a privilege. And this one here shows how pretty vaulted ceiling can enforce the room, thus the window seat. The floating setting makes it look light along with cheerful colors of the pillow and the curtain.

Besides the Study Table
Putting window seat near the study table can make the study table look less intimidating. It brings more comfort to the space and makes sure the children can get some rest between the study hours.

Green Accent
This one below gives a soft and fun look with green built-in set of cupboard, shelves, window frame and bench. With this soft accent, the flower pattern on the wall does not look too crowded.

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