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window seat, white bilt in bench with drawers, brown cushion, white built in shelves, white sconce One Kindesign

Window Seat, White Wooden Floor, White Wooden Bench, White Wooden Wall, White Blue Striped Cushion, White Sconce
Window Seat, White Built In Bench, White Patterned Cushion, Built In Side Table, Tall Glass Window
Window Seat, White Bilt In Bench With Drawers, Brown Cushion, White Built In Shelves, White Sconce
Window Seat, White Built In Bench, Black Tufted Cushion, White Built In Shelves, Glass Window, Tray Coffee Table
Window Nook, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, White Shelves Inside, Golden Pendant
Low Window Nook, White Floor, White Curtain, Tall Wooden Window, White Cushion, White Pillows
Window Nook, White Built In Bench, Blue Cushion And Pillows, White Ceiling Fan
Window Seat, Wooden Floor, Black White Striped Rug, White Built In Bench With Drawers, White Built In Shelves, Large Glass Window, Glass Chandelier
Window Seat, White Built In Bench, Grey Cushion, Pillows
Window Seat, White Bench With Drawers, Light Grey Cushion, Pillows, Chandelier, White Window

Having window seat is a luxury. It is the beauty of the bright seating near the window that sends in comfort and warmth. With large glass window, seats near the window will be bright and fresh at noon and it would brings romantic ambiance at night especially when you can see the stars at the sky or lights of lamps. Here below are ten beautiful window seat that you will love to see, especially when you have some plans to build one in your house.

Dark Seat
Having bright light, window seat can have a great contrast when it is combined with black color, like this one. The black cushion puts a nice contrast to the white built-in bench and shelves. With some tray tables, this will surely be a nice place to hang out or reading a book.

Fresh Beach
Contrary to the previous one, this one brings in fresh look with white blue nuance. The bright white framed window looks so pristine and fair thanks to the white wooden surrounding and sconce.

Pale Comfort
This one here is a beautiful example of a reading nook with comfortable large cushion. This will allow you to have a great time reading and having nice conversations. With built-in shelves on the side, it will make it easier to store and to take books.

Simple Seat
Similar to the previous one, this one also shows an interesting fair look with simpler touch. The white built-in bench with side table on the side is decorated simply with white patterned cushion and nice modern table lamp. This allows the window to look even brighter.

Sweet Blush
This one here also shows a fair look with its white built-in drawers and shelves. Making the overall look sweet and pretty, pink cushion is added with pillows. The drawers and shelves make a nice added storage to the area.

Simple Addition
If you love something simple, built-in bench with simple and neutral cushion like this will meet your need. The simplicity of the window seat is practical and light.

Window Nook
If you have some nook in the house, creating some window nook would be a really great idea. This one here puts a white bright window nook among the dark black wall seen from the outside.

Nice Blue
Putting an interesting touch to a white or neutral look will make the setting looks incredible. This one here, while managing to make the fair white room incredible, it puts an interesting note in the window nook with pale blue cushion that blends well.

Exotic Nook
While the previous one has a beautiful modern touch on them, this one here has a fun exotic look matches with the room itself. With wooden window screen, the nook has more privacy and still enough light at days.

Nook Seat
This one successfully sets the simple seating in this nook with an elegance touch set on the ceiling.

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