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Window Seats Beige Decorative Valance Beige Curtains Striped Cushion Glass Bay Windows Round Window Chairs Wooden Dresser Wooden Cupboard Pillows Decorative Bedding
Window Seats White Wall White Vaulted Ceiling White Nightstands White Drawer Bench White Bedding Pillows Wall Sconces Windows White Window Shade
Window Seats Small White Wall Sconces Wooden Drawers Pillows Wide Glass Window White Walls White Bedding Decorative Duvet Smaller Glass Window
Window Seats Brown Ceiling Fan With Lamp Corner Glass Windows Brown Walls Brown Bedding Flat Cushion Drawers Cupboard Wooden Ceiling Pillows
Window Seats Orange Window Seat White Wall Glass Desk Top Colorful Chair Windows Rattan Window Shades Pendant Lamp Orange And White Bedding Shelves Table Lamp Bench
Window Seats Wooden Bookshelves Wooden Window Seat Bblue Cushions Blue Bedding Wooden Bed Wall Sconces Wooden Dresser Windows Wooden Beam Glass Artwork
Window Seats White Shades Windows White Drawers White Cabinets Table Lamps White Bedding Pillows White Rug Yellow Cushion
Window Seats Ball Pendant Lamps Brown Drapes Chrome Canopy Bed Bench White Bedding Wooden Nightstands Pillows Black Rug White Drawers Gray Shades Pillows
Window Seats Small Windows Colorful Bedding Yellow Pillows Industrial Floor Lamp Headboard White Drawers Built In Shelves Pillows White Pendant Lamp
Window Seats Bay Windows Pendant Lamp Pillows Wooden Cainet Wooden Floor Big Wall Art White Walls Bedside Table Industrial Wall Sconces Gray Armchair Stool

A window seat is a good addition if you have a large window and space next to it which is empty. It can be a nice and comfortable seating spot for everyone. It can also be a cozy space where you can read your favorite books or have a good chat with your best friends. A window seat is seldom been used in a bedroom, but you may create it to make your bedroom perfect. Your bedroom should have a window which can give the outside view. You can create a window seat with some drawers on it. The following are some window seats which you can create to give additional comfortable space in your bedroom.

A Corner Window

In a small bedroom, a corner window is an effective way to increase the look and layout value. The corner windows do an amazing job of bringing the outdoors in, the view and the feeling. This corner window provides a minimalist window seat with drawers.

Window Seats and Bookshelves

Make use the empty wall in your bedroom by making built-in bookshelves and a window seat. Install a clear glass window between the shelves, then add a cushion and pillows to make the window seat comfortable.

A Bold Color for Window Seat

The orange window seat in this white bedroom feels unexpected and rich next to the bright white walls. The different bold color gives a strong space statement for the window seat. This orange window seat also provides recessed ceiling lamps and a beautiful pendant lamp.

Window Treatments

Consider a window seat if you don’t have a comfortable seating space in your bedroom. Different from before, this window seat is set to have a hue which can blend into the bedroom wall. It is completed with a beautiful beige window treatment.

Window Shades for Window Seats

This window seat provides a great light control through the white window shades. They look pretty and clean. The white window seat with drawers is accompanied by two white cabinet and table lamps.

A Large Frameless Window

This large window seat includes breathtaking view, flat cushion, and minimalist drawers. It can be a small day bed that provides a frameless window which makes this space interesting.

A White Bedroom

If your bedroom has a bay or dormer window, it has an ideal spot for a small cozy window seat. It will be nice to create a small seating space and built-in shelves.

Brown Window Shades and Drapes

The window seat is completed by high-quality brown window shades, while the brown drapes are hung on the wall behind the headboard.

Window Seats on Bay Windows

With glass on all three sides of the bay window, it is almost like you are outdoors, it feels cozy and nice. The light which comes from the bay window is enough for this big bedroom.

The Bedroom Windows

You will love the built-in window seats and the smaller windows above the bed. Put some pillows on the window seat to decorate the window seat.

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