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perforated shutters Behance

White See Through Drapery Curtain
Grey Vertical Blinds
Grey Basic Roman Shades On White Wooden Framed Windows
Cafe Curtain With Red White Striped Pattern And White Stars On Blue Background
Soft Striped Roman Shades
Black Blocking Blinds With Patter Of City Town
Brown Cellular Shades Put In Different Area Of The Window
Perforated Shutters
Brown Japanese Matchstick
White Patterned Metal Plantation Shutters

There are many things you can do to a glass window. Each of it will serve you a different kind of light that will pour into your room. It will also gives you different feeling. However, each of them is beautiful and if you know what you want for your window, your window will help you make your room filled with the right ambiance. Now, let’s see what are those things that will change how you see the light and air in your room.


White See Through

To start all of this, let’s start with a simple basic yet still beautifully applied curtain. This white see through curtain will filter the light to the room but without blocking what you might see across the windows.


Grey Basic Window Shades 

Another simple and basic things that many people have done is by having window shades. This particular shades is what they call as roman shades and with roman shades, you can get as much light as you want because once it’s rolled or pulled upward, the light will shine as it has outside. So, you will not need anymore lamps which means it saves more energy.


Striped Roman Shades

Another great thing about roman shades is that if you have children in the house, the children will not fiddle too much on the curtain so it’ll stay clean and it’s safer for the children too as they will not tangle and strangle themselves. And with a beautiful shade like this one here, the window will be safe for light to come through and for children too.


Vertical Blinds

As blunt as the title is, it is about blind that is applied vertically. Similar with horizontal blinds, this one is also done by pulling the string that can open the blinds. With vertical blinds, you can filter the light that come to your room.


Brown Cellular Shades 

If you love to control the light that shines on your room, cellular shades is a perfect option you can choose. It is good to filter the sunshine and it also reduce noise from the outside. You can also put the shades in different area of the window according to where the sun shine will hit your window.


Perforated Shutters 

This one here in the below is a beautiful and fun shutters with perforated surface that will let much more shine coming through compare to closed shutters. Not only that, it has beautiful pattern that will make beautiful shadow when the sun set and lamps replace the source of light and shadow falls on to the floor.


City Light Blinds

If you love to have fun with the lights from outside, you will love having black blinds like this one here. With this kind of blinds, at day, you will be able to open it and at night, you will be able to close it and enjoy a beautiful view created from the outside lamps that seep in through the blinds.


Japanese Matchstick

If you a fan of Japanese interior design principle in simplicity and environmentally friendly, you will love this matchstick. It is not only that, it also beautiful, warm, and exotic too. So many things in one piece of furniture.


White Pattern Shutters

The common idea of plantation shutters usually include a line of short wood that gives a window full protection when it’s closed. However, this one here, with beautiful pattern, brings shutters to different ambiance without forgetting the beauty.

white patterned metal plantation shutters

Interior Barn Doors 

Fun Cafe

The last, one of common curtain that is usually seen in cafe and diner. With its not-full-closure of curtain, it’s good for kitchen that will need more air circulation and more light.

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