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bedroom, wooden floor, white wall, white cabinet, cushions, pillows, white shelves headboard, wooden rattan side table, rattan bag, Design Rulz

Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, White And Green Wainscoting Wall, White Curtain, White Green Bedding, White Side Table, Green Lamp
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Shelves, Pink Cushion, Pink Patterned Rug, White Bed Platform, Pink Bedding, White Curtain
Bedroom, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, White Window Seat, Green Cushion, Green Curtain, Red Side Cabinet, Blue Table Lamp
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Lemon Wallpaper, Rattan Cabinet, White Shelves, Window Seat With Yellow Cushion
Bedroom, White Rug, White Cabinet, White Shelves, Chandelier, Brown Bedding, White Table Lamp
Bedroom, White Cabinet In The Window Sill, Wooden Top, White Wall, Wooden Bed Platform, White Bench
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, White Shelves, Wooden Rattan Bench, White Shelves Near The Window, Rattan Rug
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet Seat, Blue Cushion, Blue Pillows, Black Bed Platform
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Cushions, Pillows, White Shelves Headboard, Wooden Rattan Side Table, Rattan Bag,
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, White Vaulted Wall, White Tufted Bench, White Bed, White Pendant, White Table Lamp

Windows in the bedroom can be really beneficial. It can give the room bright light and it will warm the room as well. When the windows are open, fresh air will be free to enjoy. However, not only that, windows can also be a great architecture accent. Putting furniture or seat around the window can give you more things to enjoy and makes the room even more interesting. If you are looking for what to do with your windows to maximize it, you would love these ten stunning setting.

Bright Cabinet
This window sill has completed the beauty with white minimalist cabinet positioned to fill the indented wall. Completes the space perfectly well, the cabinet not only a place where you can store your things but also a nice wooden table where you can put some flowers or aromatherapy candles.

Free Shelves
In this fresh and calm bedroom of white and green, the window sill is used to stack the books. It is a nice place to have free shelves. You can also put some accessories there to make the room more lively.

Shelves Under the Sill
This one is another window with shelves that can be a great inspiration. The shelves is built-in under the window sill and on the side of the cabinet that is also built in line with the window. In the window sill, it creates a nice table too that flowers and books can be stacked there.

Window Seat
The most popular use of the window area is probably the window seat. With window seat, you would have seats where you can read and relax. You would have additional place to lay around besides the bed. And here below has it really comfortable too.

Window Sofa
If you love the idea of adding seat in your window area, a simple way like putting a sofa near the window can be done as well. This way, you can be more flexible with the area around the window. If one day you want some shelves, you can just move it.

Bright Seat and Shelves
This one here also gives more complete offer. The window is completed with window seat and rattan cabinet from the side and under. On the wall, floating shelves are ready to give you extra storage. The lemon wallpaper here makes the area looks even brighter and fun.

Closed Seat
An interesting accent is seen in this one. The window seat is added with window curtain that if it’s closed, you will not see the seat on the window. But, if it’s open, it offers you a comfortable place to read and to hide (you can close the curtain again).

Pretty Seat
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts seat near the window. With soft and pastel color basked the room, the window seat looks sweet and pretty.

Blushed Seat
This is another window seat that looks so sweet and pretty. The white cabinet around the pink cushion is just perfect and traditional that despite the neutral look it can give warm vibe. This is completed with pink patterned rug on the floor.

Modern Seat
With large glass window, the window seat at front looks really bright and warm even though it is really minimalist. The wooden look brings out its own warm vibe.

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