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kitchen, dark wooden floor, white wall tiles, white cabinet, wooden floating shelves, white marble counter top, white apron sink, wooden beam frame, white frame windows, Recyden

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Ceiling, White Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet, Blue Island With White Marble Top,
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Grey Island, Grey Marble Top, White Wall, Glass
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Bottom Cabinet, Black Counter Top, Large Glass Window
Kitchen, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall Tiles, White Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves, White Marble Counter Top, White Apron Sink, Wooden Beam Frame, White Frame Windows,
Kitchen, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Wall Tiles, Wooden Framed, Glass Sliding Window, White Island, Floating Shelves
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, Glass Windows On The Wall
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall Tiles, White Upper Cabinet, White Pendant, Glass Window, Glass Ceiling Window, Wooden Bea,s, Wooden Table, Striped Rug, Wooden Counter Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wooden Ceiling, Wooden Beams, White Bottom Cabinet, Glass Window, Brown Curtain
Kitchen, Light Brogwn Wooden Floor, Grey Modern Cabinet, Marble Counter Top, Black Wall, White Wall, Large Glass Wall,
Kitchen, Black Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Black Counter Top, Large Glass Window

Windows have a really great effect to a room. It brings light, brightness, cheerful feeling and amazing ambiance. Adding windows to a room is like treating the room perfectly, giving the room what it needs. In the kitchen, windows are like obligation to make the room comfortable. It lets the room to have enough air circulation so that all smoke and fume from cooking can go out easily. It also brings in enough light so that you get the best experience in washing and preparing your food.

Beach Ambiance
In creating beach look in the kitchen, one of the easiest ways is by combining blue and white color for the sea and froth. However, with large windows to bring in light, the sea or beach ambiance is easily set. This set will bring fresh and fun feeling while cooking or having meals in the island.

Neutral Brightness
This kitchen brings out a neutral brightness. The white cabinet, black top and marble island top puts a serene look while the bright windows give radiance that make the room feels warm and amazing.

Long Windows
This kitchen looks so fresh and amazing with its large glass windows with grids. Prettifying the already beautiful effect is brown curtain. Combined with glass door and marble counter top, the kitchen has really refreshing effect.

Lots of Lights
This modern kitchen brings in smooth and clean look with its smooth bottom cabinet and the neutral wall of black and white. The natural finish of the marble counter top gets along well with large glass wall that offers a beautiful natural view.

Large Windows
Similar to the previous one, this one also combines large glass windows with modern kitchen. And it makes the kitchen looks even larger and gives more space to breathe without many cabinet on the upper part of the wall.

Comfortable Ambiance
Windows are used to bring the outside world inside without you going out. and this one here works perfectly well. The comfortable farmhouse kitchen looks so fresh and comfortable with the large glass window.

Fresh Elegance
Combining fresh and elegant look is seen in this one with white marble that reflect the bright light beautifully. The traditional cabinet and sink just blend amazingly.

Little Fun
This kitchen offers not only beauty but also fun. The pretty sliding window is just perfect to invite all the fresh natural air and view inside. This is perfect for summer and spring season. The minimalist upper wall makes the kitchen feel light.

Double Light
Some people just love to have all the light possible. Well, with vibrant look, a room will look fun and cheerful and that is like a warm invitation to the kitchen. This one puts glass window on the wall and ceiling and make the room feel warmer.

Window Sill
An interesting setting is seen in this one. The window sill puts some space to put kitchen counter and sink. this window space makes the kitchen feels larger and brighter.

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