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white wood ceiling planks in the balcony Carolyn Von Der Ahe Interiors

Wooden Ceiling Plank On The Living Room And Staircase
Wood Ceiling Planks On Living Room
Brown Wooden Ceiling Planks In A Pantry
Brown Wooden Ceiling Planks In A Bathroom With White Walls
Wood Ceiling Planks On Vaulted Ceiling Room
White Wood Ceiling Planks In The Balcony
Wood Ceiling Planks Only On Home Office Area
Wooden Ceiling Planks In The Sloped Ceiling In The Alleyway To The Kitchen
Velvet White Wood Ceiling Planks In Kitchen
Brown Wooden Ceiling Planks In A Bedroom

To have a great architectural effect and add rustic feeling, wood ceiling planks are commonly used. However people putting wood planks not only for the rustic style but it can come in handy to hide the entire old corner in the ceiling that you want to hide. There are various kinds of wooden plank that you will like immediately not only for the function it serves you but also the look that can make your room even more beautiful. With wood ceiling planks, your room will warm and comfortable. Below are some ideas that you might find great to apply to your own ceiling.

Wood for the Sloping Ceiling

This one is a great idea to apply. Ceiling that needs to be given attention is not only the ceiling in the real room. Ceiling in the alley or hallway should be pretty too.

Wood Ceiling in Pantry

Such a small space like pantry will look exceptional with wood ceiling planks. This will give it more warmth and turns it into a room that is usually small and neglected into a beautiful small room.

Wood for Vaulted Ceiling

In an airy room like a room with vaulted ceiling, wood planks can give more warmth feeling. Moreover, for a room that looks like the room below where the owner wants to look as rustic as possible, wood ceiling planks serve it the best.

Wood Ceiling for a Bedroom

It is so understandable that everyone wants their bedroom to be as comfortable as it can be. Choosing wood ceiling planks is one of the best ways to make sure that the room has enough warmth and comfort feeling.

Velvet White on the Kitchen’s Ceiling

It is such a treat to have a beautiful kitchen especially if you like to hang around the kitchen with your family and friends. And if you have a beautiful kitchen like this one below with the matching wood ceiling, you will love it even more.

Wooden Ceiling in Bathroom

This one is a great touch on the bathroom. Although the bathroom is in white wall and grey flooring, the brown wood on the ceiling still look pretty. In fact, it makes the room more colorful and bold.

Wood Ceiling for Staircase

For a high ceiling like this one, wood ceiling planks look really beautiful and give closer familiarity that having the sleek ceiling that will give stark ambiance under the ceiling.

Wood Planks on the Balcony

With such a beautiful balcony with wooden flooring, the wooden ceiling is a great match that will only make the balcony even more beautiful even if it’s in different shade.

Brown Wood Ceiling for Home Office

This one is quite unique where the wood ceiling planks ends when the home office area ends. It literally is on top of the home office while the rest of the room is in the same white shade like the wall.

On Top of the Fire Place

Having a really comfortable living room what everyone expect to have in their home. While a fireplace covers the warmth to the room, wood ceiling covers the warmth on the ambiance.

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