Enjoying Every Area Inside Your House with the Right Combination of Paint Colors with Wood Trim

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Elegant dining room with beige walls and medium tone hardwood floors wooden dining room table set in dark color accent cream rug Visbeen Architects

Contemporary Kitchen With Flat Panel Cabinets, Dark Wood Cabinets And Stainless Steel Appliances Pendant Lamps Marble Countertops Golden Wall In White Trim
Trendy Dining Room With Gray Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Wooden Dining Room Table Set And Furniture Pendant Lamp Ceramic Vases In Gray And White
Eclectic Enclosed Living Room With Medium Tone Hardwood Floors Geometric Pillow Throws Indian Painting White And Gray Sofa Wood Trim
Rustic Bedroom Idea With Beige Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Brass Pendant Lamp Brown Carpet Beige Sofa Cream Curtains Wooden Cabinet
Mountain Style Bathroom With An Undermount Sink, Recessed Panel Cabinets And Medium Tone Wood Cabinets Blue Wall Paint Ceramic Tiles Sconces Above Mirror
Mountain Style Bedroom Design With Gray Walls And Carpet Pendant Lamp Lamp Table Wooden Tables Wood Trim And Ceiling
Mediterranean Dining Room With Beige Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Pendant Lamp Brass Ceiling Fan Accent Rug Wooden Cabinets Black Painted Wooden Door
Elegant Dining Room With Beige Walls And Medium Tone Hardwood Floors Wooden Dining Room Table Set In Dark Color Accent Cream Rug
Contemporary Enclosed Dining Room Idea With Beige Walls And Medium Tone Hardwood Floors Zebra Striped Rug Pendant Lamp Animal Statues
Elegant Dining Room With Brown Walls And Dark Hardwood Floors Buddha Statue Pendant Lamp Wooden Dining Room Table Sets Wall Art In Brown

Wood trim becomes an option to be used as interior design because its natural look makes the house to be livelier in brown color. This article will give you ten trim color ideas using wood trim for the perfect view that you can have in your house.

Seating Area in the Bedroom

The wood trim color in this bedroom photo matches the color of the bedding sheets, rugs, floors, and the other details. The owner creates a seating area in the bedroom to give you a solitude room for yourself.

Me Time Bedroom in Wood Trim

When it is a bedtime, you need to use comfortable materials in the bedding for the Me time. You deserve a cozy and serious sleep as well. This is one example of cozy bedroom in wood trim that you can have. The pendant lamp is too beautiful.

Eye Catching Center Piece

Eye catching center piece becomes a good focal point in the room that can beautify your wood trim living room. here, the oversize animal statues match the zebra-stripped rug in the interior design. But, the lack of other animal prints in the room doesn’t make it to have “safari” look.

Beige, Tan, and Ivory Color for Light and Dark Shades of Wood

Beige, tan and ivory work great with light and dark shades of wood. The wood floors have contrasting color to the trim. Surely you need one of these three color tomes in your wood trim room.

Stained Wooden Furniture in Bathroom

Bathroom furniture have difference treatment compared to furniture in other room. It is because they are prone to wet and damp splashing water from shower. You need to stain the furniture to give more durability.

Creamy White Color with Honey

If you paint the room in cream white, you can give honey color in the wooden trim, they will look perfect for each other. Then you can put either one of these two colors as the furniture.

Shared Space Idea in Room with Wood Trim

A shared space will always have a middle ground regardless whatever furniture you put on this area. It is because this open space need specific area of their own place. This is a good shared space between living room and dining room.

Wooden Oak Trim in Gray Color

Wooden trim color also works well in gray wall color. The room below mix the white and gray color to compliment the wood trim and the owner use whole wooden material as the furniture to match the floors and the trim.

Strategically Placed Furniture

Placing the furniture, such as a painting, photograph, or a statue, as the focal point strategically can magically change a room. The room has the Buddha statue in tiny size yet it makes the room to have Asian taste.

Brown Tones Living Room

The tones of brown color in wood trim room also become a good option. The color of cream, golden, and yellow creates an angelic unity perspective on this kitchen below and it will create a good quality time when you spend time eating here.


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