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rustic staircase with wooden staircase, wooden vertical covered wall Pinnacle Mountain Homes

Wood Rails On One Side Of The Walls Of A Home Office
Home Office With Wood Covering Walls With Wooden Table, Chairs, And Shelves
Rustic Staircase With Wooden Staircase, Wooden Vertical Covered Wall
Bedroom With Wood Horizontally Covered In The Back Of The Bed, Along The Ceiling To The Wall In Front Of The Bed
Staircase With Wood Stairs, Wood Rails, Wood Covered Wall
Rustic Bedroom With One Side Wall Of Reclaimed Wood In A Vaulted Ceiling Room
Wood Wall Covering In The Alley
Wood Vertical Paneled Wall In Bathroom For Mirror And Sink
Living Room With Wood Wall Horizontal Paneling At The Back Of The TV
Wood Horizontal Paneled Wall In One Side Of A Bedroom's Wall

Wall is an essential part for any room. It divides the room and it surely protects the room. But of course, it is not all. Of course a wall is more than dividing rooms. It is part of the things that makes the room beautiful too, especially when you do so much. Moreover, wall can be the highlight of the room, not only the furniture. One of the things that you can do that offers you many variations wood wall covering. With wood, you creates warm ambiance in your room and it gives you comfort. If you want to see how much you can do with your wood covering, you might want to see some ideas below. Here are some great ideas from the expert.

Small Office Room

This room is practically covered in wood with wood covering wall and floor and all the wood furniture.

Reclaimed Wood on Staircase

Although it is not usually given more attention than the wall in the room, you actually can make staircase looks pretty and it can be the highlight in the room, especially staircase like this one. With dark reclaimed wooden vertical covered wall, this area looks mysterious yet warm too.

Rich with Wood

This is another wood cover that you can do in your staircase area. In this picture, the owner use wood for the stairs, the rails, the wall, and the floor. The wood on the wall and the floor enunciates the dark wood used in the staircase.

Circling Your Bedroom

When you think of wood wall covering, you don’t have to cover the entire wall with wood. You can make something small but unique that will bring the best of your room, like the bedroom below. It uses the wall covering to circle the room starts from the back of the bad, the ceiling, and to the front of the bed.

Stay at the Back

This one is another idea on how wood wall covering can look beautiful in your bedroom even if it’s just on one side. With simple reclaimed wood panel on off white ceiling and walls, the room surely looks warm and pretty.

Reclaimed Wood in Bedroom

If you love the idea of having a bedroom with oldies feeling that will warm and comfort your sleep, having reclaimed wood in your bedroom will answer your need.

At TV’s Back

When you want to have wood paneling in your room but you just want to cover some area to make it an accent, you can do something like this one.

In the Alley

Even the alley deserves to look beautiful. You can put wood cover in your alley wall and be ready to impress your guest with your beautiful wall.

Wood Rails Covered

If you don’t want to look all woody, you can try use wood as rails that cover your wall. It will give you an accent of wood without getting too woody.

Wood Panel on Bathroom

Although bathroom is closely related with wet area, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have wood near. However, it is suggested that you use it on dry bathroom like this one. Wood panel on the mirror and sink area looks extremely beautiful especially with the pretty mirror against it.

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