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small wooden console with thin black lines, white pendant, white wall, white wainscoting, wooden floor West Elm

Wooden Bench, Dark Wooden Floor, White Wooden Wall Plank, Blackboards, Rattan Rug, Rattan Pots
Entrance, Grey Wall, Grey Floor Tiles, Large Round Mirror With Black Frame, Light Wooden Console Table With Black Line, Pendant
Entrance Hallway, Black Floor, Black Wall, Golden Wall, White Wall, Black Door, Wooden Bench, Rattan Asket, Large Round Miror
Wooden Console Table With Herringbone Pattern, White Wall, Wooden Floor, White Table Lamp
White Wall, Thick Wooden Bench With Metal Support, Grey Seamless Floor, Flowers And Plants
Rattan Low Cabinet, Grey Floor Tiles, White Wall, Painting
Floating Rattan Cabinet, Floating Shelves, White Wall, Wooden Floor
Wooden Console With Drawers, Rattan Baskets, Round Mirror With Copper Frame
Small Wooden Console With Thin Black Lines, White Pendant, White Wall, White Wainscoting, Wooden Floor
Entrance, Wooden Floor, Grey Wall, Wooden Console Table, Rattan Baskets, Diamond Mirrors, Black Table Lamp, Black Door, Crystal Pendant

There are many things you can choose on how to greet yourself when you come home. Creating a warm entrance is one of them. With warm entrance, you would be able to come home in a relief feeling after a whole day at work or outside. Your guest would also be welcomed warmly. A warm entrance is a great invitation when you have a party or social gathering. If you love something simple yet warm, here below are ten beautiful inspirations you will love to see.

Rattan Cabinet
Putting cabinet in the entrance can help you get more storage to keep your shoes, umbrellas, and many more. Getting one that looks beautiful like this rattan cabinet would brings joy whenever you come home.

Floating Rattan
Similar to the previous one, putting floating rattan cabinet is a nice and pretty thing to look at since the very beginning you come inside. With floating cabinet, it would look light and fresh while also warm.

Wooden Bench
If you love to start really simple in the entrance, you would love this one with a simple wooden bench. Decorated with blackboards on the white wooden plank, the simple wooden bench looks a cozy invitation to the house.

Warm and Black
As wooden bench is simple and minimalist, it is so easy to add to any theme. This one here puts an easy decoration on the black entrance and make it a warm entrance. The simple wooden bench is amazing completed with wooden rack and large round mirror on the dark wall.

Thick and Large
Similar to the previous one, this wooden low bench would be a great thing to see when you open the door. The wooden low bench looks sturdy and strongly sends a natural feeling to the space, especially when it is added with flowers and plants.

Unique Console
This one here puts a unique and fresh design to the entrance and make the entrance looking so inviting. The rattan baskets under the console table brings even more warmth to the entrance white the shining accessories and pendant put a luxurious look.

Simple Console
If you want to add entrance in a space in an open space like this one, a simple and small console table will do you good. The combination of large round mirror and the rattan basket with the console looks so simple yet warm.

Light Grey
This light grey entrance looks simple and modern with light wooden console with drawers. The dried plant accessories match perfectly with the round mirror and glass pendant.

Minimalist Console
This one is another simple wooden console that would look so good in the entrance. The tidy and clean lines can put up with modern and minimalist look.

Herringbone Pattern
Besides the floor, the table can have herringbone pattern and look amazing. The wooden console table in this one obviously a simple yet has pretty great details once you look closer.

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