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green garden wall decorated with ornamental mirrors wood patio furniture idea white paving idea standing outdoor pendant lamp with curved standing Eye Like Gallery

Playwood Bed Design With Headboard Dark Wood Bedside Tables With Table Lamps Hand Knitted Bedroom Mat Hardwood Powder Vanity With Mirror
Rustic Kitchen Island With Wood Top Wood Top Dining Bench And Table Two Round Wood Top Stools Grey Kitchen Cabinets White Subway Ceramic Backsplash Stainless Steel Appliances White Floorboards
Tree Branch Table With Glass Surface Light Beige Walls Medium Toned Wood Floors
Eclectic Home Library With Black Painted Fireplace Wood Chair Three Small Round Chairs Recessed Bookcase With Under Cabinets Grey Area Rug
Classic Bathroom Idea With Vintage Furniture Clean White Floors Clean White Walls With Rich Of Texture White Bathtub
Traditional Wood Cupboard In Dark Toned Wood Color Medium Toned Wood Floors Clean White Walls White Siding Wood Ceiling
Pale Toned Dining Furniture Set Darker Toned Buffet And Console Light Toned Wood Floors Light Green Walls Classic Hang Lamp
Vintage Dining Furniture Set In Soft Pink Color Clean White Walls Clean White Floors Several Wall Ornaments
Low Level Bed Frame Fireplace With Antique Wood Framed Mirror Small Antique Vanity With Dark Wood Framed Mirror Small Black Finished Chair Dark Wood Console Table Walls With Wallpaper
Outdoor Furniture In Raw Rustic Style Cool Shabby Wood Floors Concrete Floors Classic Hang Lamp For Outdoor Outdoor Fireplace Unit

It’s surely free for us to decorate our own house or living space based on our personal taste and need. With different taste and need, many living spaces are built in different designs, following what the owners want. Even, the numerous houses use several variants of materials to construct the house’s interior, exterior, and furniture. Talking about the furniture, we often find that there are more than one set of furniture use, and they’re built from different materials. One of most used furniture is wood furniture that truly fits to any home design. Wood furniture can also be combined to other furniture like plastics, acrylics, stones, and others. Well, here we are trying to give you huge amounts of wooden furniture around the house and we wish these ideas inspire you and then trigger you to adopt them to your living space.

Variants of Wood Species Furniture Use

Take a look at the bed and console table in the picture. Both are constructed from different wood species. Physically, the bed furniture is obviously built from best quality plywood which is familiar as light and durable material. Different to bed, console table and bedside tables are made of cedar but they’re covered by different color of finishing (dark finishing for bedside tables and light finishing for console table).

Rustic Wood Furniture for Contemporary Room

It’s absolutely contrast; here we’ve found a set of rustic wood furniture has been collaborated with contemporary interior. It can be clearly seen from the wall color, divider, floor, pillar, ceiling, and interior ornament choices that are dominantly designed in contemporary look.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture for The Home Office

Create your own home office as cozy as you want. Reclaimed wood home office furniture sounds interesting to choose if you love something simple and natural in look. Like in this picture, we’ve discovered that the owner has chosen dark reclaimed wood buffet that’s visibly similar to the reclaimed wood walls at the back of sitting area (sofa). But interestingly, the working table itself isn’t wood, but glass material that’s totally different to its working chair (that is made from wood).

Outdoor Furniture in Raw Rustic Style

This outdoor furniture idea is inspired from Northwestern outdoor space where it’s identical with gorgeous rustic theme. The picture shows how the hardwood floors and furniture are applied beautifully. The designer also adds outdoor fireplace that aesthetically gives much more warmth and luxury.

Simple Rounded Center Table for Small Country Sitting Area

How simple it is; bright color living room furniture accented by a small dark wood side table in classic design, simple rounded center table that’s made of wood, and the ample light. This is a mix of contemporary and classic interior style.

Walnut Dining Table with Hard Metal Base for Modern Rustic Dining Room

This is an inspiration for you guys who love modern rustic room design. Walnut-top & hard metal base dining room featuring bright green-colored chair & light color wood-base make both look so similar and disappear.

Tree-Cut Dining Table Featuring Clear Acrylic Chairs

tree cut dining table clear acrylic dining chairs dark toned wood floors colorful abstract painting

Artistic Designs For Living

The collaboration of natural and industrial elements creates a stunning look. Tree-cut dining table is so gorgeous if it is overshadowed by modern acrylic chairs. Such combination, of course, results an attractive and inviting visual. Moreover, the owner adds a colorful abstract painting on wall. That’s so artistic. Isn’t?

Smooth-Handcrafted Dining Furniture VS White Industrial Chairs

The chairs are plastics and the table has smooth surface, the result of best craftsmanship which is then applied for the table. Both are application of natural and industrial material use in which they produce a gorgeous and balanced elegance and function.

Harwood Dining Table and Solid Wood Chairs as Pair

Do you love rustic and Mediterranean? This idea inspires you who want to do remodel to your dining room. The hardwood dining table and solid wood chairs will be paired to create a rustic farm dining furniture set. Such furniture will be the warming and inviting spot after being featured with clean white brick walls. This will produce an ultimate touch of natural beauty.

Pale-Toned Dining Furniture Set Feat. Darker-Toned Buffet & Console

Infuse your monolithic look by adding simple wood furniture like in this picture. All wood-made elements are finished in different tone of colors. Dining furniture looks pale or lighter than two other wood furniture sets (buffet and console that are finished in darker tone of wood color). Such color choice is rightly perfect for light green accent walls and light-toned wood floors.

Dark Wood Coffee Table and Console for Warm Family Room

If you love clean but need more comfort and warmth, just adopt this idea. This family room is filled with the numerous materials and colors. Dark wood center table and console has successfully attracted us as they’re most different among the others. Both mirror the raw rustic, similar appearance to the windows’ trims and door. Both are also the main elements of warmth creator.

Log-Cut Coffee Table among Modern Bright Color Living Room Furniture

It’s too bright but it surely doesn’t make you feel bored. Log-cut coffee table needs to be finished in light-wood color in order to make it rather similar to these pop orange color chairs. This log-cut coffee table, also, is intentionally set for existing a neutral and natural look in this contemporary living room.

Bright Yellow Nursery Table for Modern-Vintage Nursery Room

Don’t be hesitated to try a bright color tone in your house. Bright yellow nursery table, like in this picture, is the example of vintage furniture with modern touch. The nursery table is built from solid wood and has been supported with functional storage underneath. It’s totally contrast to the light grey walls.

Craftsman Wood Bed Furniture with Classic Art

It can be an artistic bedroom if we add several craftsman bedroom furniture sets like bed frame, console table, and closet storage. This idea, for instance, shows the use of craftsman wood furniture sets which all items are finished in dark wood color. Why dark wood color? Designer says that this color tone is able to create a perfect and sharp contrast among the other items. With this color tone, each soft and bold color tones complete one another.

Soft-Colored Wood Furniture Feat. Rich Texture

If color is not your primary thing, then focus on texture. There are several wood furniture sets in this bedroom and all these furniture sets are soft in color and smooth in texture. If you do deeply observation, you’ll see that most items here are set in soft color and rich of texture.

Delighted Pink Vintage Dining Furniture Made of Solid Wood

Complete your white-wall dining room with such delight pink-white dining furniture. This furniture looks so elegant, so it’s an instant way to bring an ordinary dining room into a luxurious-vintage one. For your information, the chairs are made of solid wood that’s easy to paint. They are supported by stainless steel base, so they’re able to accommodate much weight.

Vintage Wood Dining Furniture Idea

Woody dining furniture in vintage style is also well-recommended for you who really love vintage look to your house. You may want to use two different color tones for your furniture like in this picture. These two colors, surely, will able to add variants of wood colors in the dining room. This means, you’ll have much more attractive color tones provided by your dining furniture.

Hand-Built Wood Kitchen with Pop Color Addition

This hand-built kitchen is small but available for accommodating a small fridge and farmhouse sink. White marble backsplash is used to protect the plywood walls from the splashes of water. Soft color like pastel painted on the cabinets gives cheerful look, especially for the kitchen.

Natural Wood-Industrial Plastics Office Furniture Idea

This is so awesome idea of home office. If you have a home office with plenty of natural lights, just paint it in white to create the airy and wide-open visual effect. Furnish your lovely home office with cozy and stylish office furniture like in this picture. White wall and oak floors are contrast, but make it much more stunning just by adding simple working table and wood-base working chair.

Simple Modular Bookcase in Turquoise & White-Painted Wood Chair

It’s so simple to build such modular bookcase. This shelving unit is built from unused crates that then are painted in bold turquoise and paper for the back. Put white chair next to this bookcase and this area is ready to be a cool and stylish reading nook.

Dark Wood Console Table among Dazzling Yellow Interior Scheme

Dark wood console table and black wrought iron bed frame seem softening the bedroom interior that’s dominated by several dazzling color schemes like yellow lemon painting on walls and bright yellow on hand-knitted blanket.

Reclaimed Wood Bed Frame and Contemporary Seats for Cabin House

Contemporary seats in pop colors like green reflect the modernity, and its design also represents the simplicity. But take a look at the bed frame; the bed is designed in traditional style and made from solid wood which is finished with medium-toned wood color. These two elements are totally different in color and style choice, yet both give the richness of value for this room.

Simple Barn Wood Console Table as the Wood Accent for A Stairwell

The simple barn-themed wood console table gives the special accent in this stairwell. It’s not only full of function, but it also beautifies the open-stairwell. Its material offers the warm look and nuance.

Tree-Branch End Table with Glass Surface

A tree-branch end table with glass surface fits for cottage, beach, and rustic home design. In this picture, the table is featured with pastel or light beige walls and medium-toned wood floors. The homeowner also adds vivid plants as the ornaments.

Cozy and Eclectic Home Library with Wood Accent Chairs

Perhaps, for some people this is not precious and fiddly, but for book lovers, this is so comfortable and inviting. Here, the designer uses old-world style and modern furniture & arts as a perfect combination. Everything is practically applied in right place and proportion.

Cool Shabby Wood Dining Table with Tree Trunk Base

This is unique: shabby but soft dining table with tree-trunk base. The table features elegant black chairs garnished by metal ball accents. Red brick walls and fireplace unit add the warm nuance in this room.

Deck Wood Furniture Idea

A dreamy deck furniture – most of furniture is built from white pine without finishing. The accent pillows are added to increase the comfort and aesthetic level. Rounded center table is made from different wood species, gives the special accent for the deck.

Tiny & Trendy Living Room with Tree-Trunk Side Chairs Addition

A couple of tree-trunk side chairs have attracted everyone seeing them. Why not? They’re so striking and look so different. They give the natural touch among these trendy and pop-colored furniture sets. Such idea, of course, is really recommended to you urban people.

Oak Dining Table in White Featuring Pop Yellow Chairs

What is you thinking about when you see this interior idea? Each element has clean and pop color right? Oak-made dining table featuring pop yellow chairs become the best combination that create a modern and welcoming look. They’re obviously much more striking after being collaborated with grey-finished wood floors that then soften this dining furniture. White clean walls inserted with recessed vertical shelves also become the attractiveness.

Cool Grey Siding Table for Deck

Grey wood siding table has been set in similar color and shape to the deck floors, making them disappear . But black wrought iron chairs give the accent among them. Another spot we’ve discovered modern couch for providing a cozy sitting area. The couch is designed in L shape and completed with colorful accent pillows. And, the designer still use the grey as the primary color for that couch.

A Set of Wood Furniture for Red Brick-Walls Deck

There are many elements of wood in this deck, but the most attractive one is the center table. The table is supported by wheels, so it’s removable, and it’s also finished in two different tones of color: green for base and natural wood color for the top. This reflects a sharp contrast but balanced in look. Wood siding floors and red brick walls are two other natural elements that are exposed by the homeowner, appearing a sense of traditional style for the deck itself.

Beach Deck Idea Featured with Simple round-wood top Table and White Chairs

Simple wood furniture around the beach deck offers cozy spot for having fun conversation with someone we love. Stronger warm nuance also appears just by adding original wood siding floors. Modern touch is also spotted on wall and its additional ornament (orange wall and white surfing board).

Contemporary Wood Furniture Option for Garden Gallery

This looks like a contemporary outdoor living room idea. The wood furniture presents the contemporary design which exposes the priority of simplicity and function. But when we move on the green garden wall, it’s a little bit rustic. With hanging outdoor mirrors framed by multi-shape frames, it feels that we’re in an outdoor garden gallery.

Wood Furniture without Finishing for Modern Patio

Take a look at the furniture. They are so simple, stylish, and feel so warm and inviting. They have no finishing so they look as natural as their genuine wood species. Such product of furniture also exposes their clean lines, so they fit for any exterior ideas, including like this modern patio. Their color tone seems similar to the patio floors and stairs.

Traditional Wood Cupboard Idea in Dark-Toned Wood Color

traditional wood cupboard in dark toned wood color medium toned wood floors clean white walls white siding wood ceiling

Bos Worth Hoede Maker

Dark-toned wood cupboard here gives the accent for the room which is dominated by soft and clean color tones like white and softer wood color. Such storage system actually could match rustic and traditional interior designs.

Soft-Look Wood Dining Furniture with Single Floating Wood Shelf Addition

Single floating shelf that matches nearby tables and chairs create warm and inviting spot, the best choice for a coffee shop or cafe. Just use such floating shelf to redirect people’s attention in room. In this room, all furniture is the room’s decor, and the wood tables here are the emphasis.

Wood Accent Table for Mini Outdoor Garden

Shabby but stylish: two words that describe this rustic center table. It can be said that both the table and chairs are attention makers and they are set together in a mini garden. This kind of layout is so interesting because it displays pop color like yellow in shabby look. When this color is collaborated with rustic, it results new & old color in one setting.

Wood Furniture Use for Industrial Kitchen

The floorboard and slanted ceiling are finished in similar color, clean white. This finishing choice creates the airy, clean, and wide open. Two large skylights, in addition, help to provide much more natural lights, so when the room is furnished with deep and neutral color like several wood furniture sets, as seen in this picture, they must be the attractive elements. Add pop color like orange applied on stools’ top to help in re-directing viewers’ attention.

Modern Minimalist Wood Dining Furniture for Scandinavian-Style Kitchen

It must be fun to remodel an old kitchen into a white-dominant Scandinavian kitchen. White helps to create an airy, large-sense, and clean spot, and such color choice can beautifully fits any other colors, including wood colors. As seen in the picture, the walls are finished in whitewashed and built from wood boards. By contrast, the floors are constructed from the concrete with textured white look. Let’s move on the furniture choice; they are made from wood and designed in simple and minimalist style.

Timber Center Table for Contemporary Family Room

A casual family room with natural timber center table gives the warm nuance in room. Another wood accent is also found in unique-shape side table. The homeowner uses grey settees plus their accent pillows to add much comfort when they’re using. Medium-toned wood floors, again, gives the nuance of natural and warm in look.

Wood Deck Furniture for Contemporary Deck Design

Wood is natural, warm, and classic. If you have wood/ timber deck, it’s well recommended to blend it with wood furniture. Wood furniture also suits to formal areas like deck or other outdoor areas. Use the right finishing or sealing to prevent them being faded or changing color into shabby grey.

Dark-Wood Dining Furniture Application for Small Beach-Themed Kitchen

With antique wood dining furniture, this small beach-themed kitchen looks so beautiful. A white Dutch door gives another uniqueness after red and white palette applications. It’s so lovely to build L-shape bench as the additional sitting area.

Old and Antique-Look Furniture for English-Style Bedroom

The designer uses classic and antique as the primary theme. That’s why, most of bedroom’s elements are designed in those two themes. Overall, this bedroom exposes romance and warmth. It can be seen from the choice of elements that present the use of ornate accessories like mirror, chairs, and chandelier.

Antique and Dark Hardwood Table for Classic-Design Entryway Area

Based on design, table and side chair are two different item. It’s clearly spotted that the homeowner is intentionally placed these two kinds of furniture in this entryway to make this spot much more attractive than before, and Apollo statue here captures that this place is tendentiously designed to a classic entryway. Note: Actually these two furniture can suit any interior designs, not merely limited on classic or antique-themed interiors.

Antique Look & Color Wood Storage for Victorian Bathroom

All is white but not the storage. This antique wood storage becomes most attractive element in this room as it is the one and only element that is colored in earthy dark scheme. The design which is classic and antique also suits the room’s style: Victorian style.

Vintage Wood Furniture Completes The Classic Bathroom

Put beautifully vintage wood furniture in this classic bathroom. The designer says that a piece of wood furniture in a bathroom is able to provide the sense of warmth. Based on the picture, the furniture offers a lot of storage, especially for toiletries and towels.

Antique Wood Kitchen Furniture for Coffee-House

The most favorite thing from a coffee-house is its eclectic design which is mixed with industrial style. Like this picture, we find the reclaimed wood and zinc accent which are well-applied in this room. Most people seeing this must love the antique and shabby open shelves, kitchen cabinets, wood walls, and kitchen island since all these elements are timeless and never dated.

Eastlake-Style Bed Frame with Deep-Carved Accent

Eastlake furniture is simpler than Victorian furniture. They are more geometric than Victorian’s which is identical with much of details and complicated elements. The bed frame displayed on this picture shows light carvings, not deep carvings usually crafted on most Victorian furniture sets. By contrast, this furniture emphasizes wood grain application.

Eclectic Wood Dining Furniture with Different Schemes

Eclectic dining furniture with different schemes or hues – such furniture gives the nuance of welcoming and inviting everyone seeing it. With different color choice, the furniture at least creates diversity but similar in proportion and value (darkness – lightness level).

A Pair of Wood Exterior Chairs for Front Porch

Soft, warm, and cozy – three words describing this front porch. Stylish x-base wood chairs offer much of coziness for everyone taking seat here. Their colorful comforters also provide not only the comfort, but also the aesthetic value.

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