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kichen, wooden floor, wooden cabinet, white top, wooden cornered shelves, white hood Style by Emely Henderson

Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wainscoting Wall, Wooden Cabinet, Round Table, Wooden Chairs,
Kitchen, Grey Floor Kitchen, Wooden Bottom Cabinet With White Top, White Top Cabinet, Grey Backsplash
Kitchen, White Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Gloss White Top Cabinet, Black Top, Wooden Window Sill
Kitchen, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet, White Marble Top, White Sconce
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Floating Cabinet, White Wall
Kitchen, White Floor, White Wall, Wooden Cabinet With White Top
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, Wooden Backsplash, Wooden Island, Large Glass Window
Kichen, Wooden Floor, Wooden Cabinet, White Top, Wooden Cornered Shelves, White Hood
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Cabinet With White Top, Wooden Island With White Top, Floating Wooden Shelves, White Subway Tiles
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Wooden Board On The Wall, Long Wooden Cabinet, Black Floating Shelves

Having a nice kitchen is always great. This is a place to create but also a place of pressure sometimes, especially when one does not really have the habit of cooking. However, it is also a place of warmth where family and friends can gather. These functions can be met well with natural wooden look that can give minimalism and warmth at once. Ten stunning neutral wooden cabinet will be presented below for you to get some insights.

Raw Looking
Wooden looking is always successful making a neutral and natural look at once. Whatever the finish is, wooden material in the kitchen can bring out warmth even in the most minimalist way. This one here puts rather raw look on the cabinet that looks perfectly well with the white companion.

Wooden Cabinet on Galley
This narrow kitchen brings out a really pretty look for a minimalist look. The dark wall makes the room looks deeper and it is supported by the warm looking of long wooden cabinet along both sides of the wall. This is still added with wooden board on one of the sides that creates more warmth to the space.

Simple Wooden Cabinet
This one puts a kitchen to a really minimalist but rich look with the natural material. Surrounded by white wainscoted wall, the brown natural table looks just in the right place.

Natural Combination
What is the perfect combination for natural wood look? Of course another natural accents. This one here combines the wooden cabinet with white marble top and makes the kitchen looks neutral yet rich.

Light and Floating
Although this one does not really have the cabinet floated, this one has put a thin and almost invisible legs that it makes the cabinet looks floating anyway. This has brought the space to look light and more airy. The indented window makes the room interesting and bright at once.

Modern Wood
If you love modern look, you would love the smooth surface on this cabinet. Combined with gloss white top cabinet, the kitchen looks both warm and modern. The large glass window gives maximum level of lights.

White and Wood
As white has always been a great companion for wood material, it is understandable that it is really popular. Seen in this one, the kitchen is part in two with the bottom part in warm wooden material and the top half in white. This is an interesting combination that makes the kitchen looks neutral and airy.

Natural Minimalism
This kitchen brings out the fresh and natural look in the way the wooden cabinet is used and the large glass window lights the room. It makes the whole room brightened in an easy and effortless way.

Smoothly Neutral
This kitchen brings out really neutral look. The smooth look in the cabinet both the white and the brown give a neutral yet modern look. The backsplash has bridged the top and bottom quite well.

Modern and Traditional One
Combining modern look in the shelves and traditional sink to company, this kitchen looks pretty and incredible.

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