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window seat, low and large window, wooden planks layered, wooden ceiling, narrow shelves on the side Home Adore

Window Seat, Low And Large Window, Wooden Planks Layered, Wooden Ceiling, Narrow Shelves On The Side
Window Seat, Brown Wooden Wall, Yellow Sconce, Drawer Under The Bench, Orange Cushion,
Window Seat, Brown Wooden Bench, Wall, Shelves, Wooden Stools, Pillows, Large Windows
Window Seat, Floating Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Wooden Slabs Side, Book Shelves,
Window Seat, Wooden Framed Window, Brown Wooden Bench With Drawers, Brown Leather Seat, Brown Fringe Pendant, Blue Ottoman
Window Seat, Brown Wooden Bench, Wooden Framed Window, White Open Brick Wall, Triangle Window In The Corner
Window Seat, Wooden Layered On The Seating, Wall , Ceiling, White Wall
Window Seat, White Wall, Clear Glass Window, Wooden Board In L For Seaing And Part Of The Wall
Window Seat, Thick Wooden Framed, Pink Cushions And Pillows, Wooden Shelves, Plants, Chairs, Blue Rug
Window Seat, Dark Brown Wooden Layered Wall, Small Window, Wooden Bench, Grey Cushion, Pillows, Black Sconce

Window seats have been used in the house since so long time ago. The reason is more than because of it’s pretty. It is practical and comfortable. Having window seat usually means you have large windows and that means better lighting to the room. It also means that you have extra seating in the room, a seating that enables you to relax and to gaze out of the windows. There are many designs of window seats that people love. But here below are not only window seats but also those which are beautifully designed with wooden material.

Fresh Seat
Having wooden in the window seat can obviously make it warm and fresh at the same time. With upward indented shape, the wooden material is covering the seating and part of the wall in modern and minimalist style.

Warm Look
One of the best things you can get from a window seat is when it has large window where you can sit around the seat together with your friend, enjoying the view. And if the window seat is so rich with brown wooden material like this one, the moment will be even warmer.

Pretty Triangle
This one here is a pretty sight. With brown floating wooden bench with storage, it is also continues to the corner window seat with open brick wall finish. The triangle window in the corner surely adds sweet touch.

Modern Seat
For those who love to have all minimalist and modern, this window seat will serve you best. With clean lines on the window, it has built-in seat that layered with wood that made the window less stark and warmer.

Cozy Nook
Reading nook always demands for comfort and that’s exactly what this one here can give you. It gives you warmth and comfort since the first look with its wooden material and fluffy orange cushion. The view outside the window will give calm and more fresh vibe to the room.

Small Window
If you don’t like too much light and prefer some privacy, this one here can give you perfect example on how window seat with small window can look pretty. With wooden layered all over the window seat area, it sure gives it comfortable and warm vibe. This is perfect for those who love to read with mild light.

Book in Reach
If you create window for the center of the wall, you might have some space left in the corner. As window seat is usually a great place to read, bookshelves are usually at the end of it. Doing it all in wood material obviously gives fresh and warm ambiance to the room.

Peaceful Seat
If you love tall window that start from the low point on the wall, window seat on it would look great too. Located low, the window seat looks even cozier. The wooden slabs on the seating and wall have made the window seat looks peaceful.

Thick Frame
While this may not be minimalist, this one offers more warmth on the look. Added with shelves all along the wall on the side makes it even warmer.

Wooden Lattice
For those who love adornments, this wooden lattice on the side of the window sea is really adorable. Also used in the shelves, it gives the window seat even prettier look.

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