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small simple window with two door, long low wooden table, low wooden chair Freunde von Freunden

High Wooden Block For Table Without Foot
Wooden Table Opened From The Window To The Inside Of The Room
Large Windows With Dark Wooden Table, Slim Thin Wooden Chairs
Large Window With 4 Panels, Wooden Table, Midcentury Chair
A Room With Large Windows With Bookshelves, Table Infront Of Windows, White Midcentury Chair
High Wooden Bar Table Near The Window With Wooden Stools
Tall Slide Windows With White Wooden Table On Side, White Plushed Chair
Large Single Windows With Wooden Frame With Long Wooden Table, White Midcentury Chair
A Simple Long Wooden Table Near The Window With Black Wooden Chair
Small Simple Window With Two Door, Long Low Wooden Table, Low Wooden Chair

While having dining and reading nook might be the most favorite thing to have while you have free space near the windowsill, if your priority has always been working and studying, a study can also be set up near the windowsill.  It will avoid your work becomes so boring and it also save some space. And not only that, you can also set up bar and hang out place. Let’s see how a table set near the window can benefit you.


High Table

One of the function from tables near the window is for entertainment by putting bar table for people to hang around. Putting wooden bar table like this can create warm and fresh look for the people that comes to your house.


Without Feet

Similar with the previous one, this one also gives a warm and fresh look to the room. The absent of the feet of the table makes it more unique and the lighting fixture from the ceiling gives romantic and modern feeling to the room.


Bring Down the Table

This one looks like a bridge from the ancient age that can be brought up and down. While this one is clearly from the inside of a cafe, if you want something like this in your home, it will still be beautiful too.


A Simple Study

Different from the previous ones, this one is for a study or office. With small windows that have given enough light to the room, a simple long wooden table without feet is set there.


Serene View

A large and single simple clear window can make you feel relax and refreshed when your view is so gorgeous. And that means you can do whatever activity near your window, even just to sip your tea. But, to make it your study, you will benefits so many things. With serene view like this, it’s almost a sin not to make a large window in front of your study because the serenity will make you more focus and the beautiful view will make your mind always refreshed. The study can be so simple to make it matched with the serenity.


Small Space

If the previous one is about a large window, this one is more a small and narrow window. But that doesn’t mean that you can make use of it. With a long and flat slab of wood, your table is ready. And to make it minimalist, you can choose neutral colors, including for the chair.


On the Cafe

We often see the cafe with high table near the window. The reason is of course to make the space feels more spacious and to make those inside to feel entertained by seeing what happened on the street. And this one is a beautiful table with matching beautiful chairs decorated with artsy lamps.


On the Side

While the previous ones have the table all face the windows, this one is different by putting the table on the other side. So, the only time you can peruse to the outside is if you tilted your head to your side, not to to the front. This way, you have the sunlight peer from your side not from in front of you. Thus, the light is calmer and less strong to your eyes.


Adding Table

If the previous ones mostly about table installed to the body of the wall, this study here only putting a table in front of the window, without adding anything to the wall, just some room arrangement. But, of course, the effect on how you view your study will definitely different.


Connected to the Book Shelves

While a study can be really endearing, another thing that will match the best is book shelves. If you have the space, you can put bookshelves near the window. Because, reading with the right amount of light is the best.


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