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dark bookshelves, plaid floor, floating foldable table, white ceiling Delias Photos

Study Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Blue Chairs, Study Tabla Dn Chair, Black Floor Lamp, Bookshelves With Stairs
Long Room With White Wall, Grey Floor, Two Rows Of Bookshelves On The Side, Wooden Table And Chairs In The Middle, Window
Library, White Wall, Blue Rug, Low Wooden Table And Chairs, Floating Book Shelves
Wooden Floating Bookshelves, Wooden Floor, Black Sofa, Wooden Table, Wooden Chair
Wooden Bookshelves, Dark Grey Floor, White Rug, White Chair, Wooden Side Table, White Table With Green Legs, Brown Seating Chair With Green Legs
Dark Bookshelves, Plaid Floor, Floating Foldable Table, White Ceiling
Open Library, Brown Floor, White Wooden Shelves, Wooden Table, Wooden Yellow Chairs, Orange Pendants, Orange Rug
Library, One Side Of The Room For Book Shelves, Wooden Table, Striped Chairs, Floor Lamp
Library, Dark Wooden Floor, Wooden Box Table, White Wall, White Floating Book Shelves, White Stairs
Study Room, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, White Chair, White Wooden Shelves With Brown Staurs

For those who love to read and own so many books, the existence of a library is important in their house. A library is what you need to store all the books you own. However, sometimes as library or large and tall bookshelves itself has taken so much space, the other needs need to be combined. One of the combinations that goes well for a library is a study or working space. These ones here will discuss the combination of the combination of library and working space inside.

In the Middle
This home library looks so simple in the long space. The bookshelves is simple and not grand. The comfortable white chair and rug looks so cozy with its low height that matches the low and not so grand bookshelves. The study table and chair compliment the overall low height.

Open Library
This one here is for those who love to create an open room or for those who have limited space. This floating library shows a light look of a floating bookshelves with glass window at the bottom. This glass window at the bottom brings a subtle bright light and fresh view. The small study table and chair gets along with the living room beside it.

Cozy Open Library
Similar to the previous one, this one here also a comfortable open librar. The white wooden bookshelves looks tidy and practical with some plants in front of the window to refresh the room. The table and chair set are in warm color that works perfectly well with the rug and pendant.

Fun Library
Although library seems to be serious and no fun, this one here successfully brings fun vibe to the room. The concepts is modern without too much details. The table and chairs are low that the room loks more spacious. The fun rug brings out the most fun feeling to this room.

Not Formal Library
Although home library is not a formal library, this one here has a very similar setting with wooden table and some chairs. This setting allows you to work alone or together with your family and friends. With conducive situation, your working space would feel so comfortable.

With Stairs
We often see a large bookshelves with stair to help you pick up the book. This stair accent can also be added on a small bookshelves. The stairs will help you nonetheless.

Floating Box
In this one, the study table itself s installed together with the bookshelves as floating box. With this kind of box, you will be able to concentrate more fully on your table.

Library Study
This one here has a more private study table although it shares the same space as the library. The not so grand library has a stairs to help you reach your book. It’s an interesting accent.

Floating Table
Similar to one of the previous one, this one here also has an interesting look. The table is built in with the bookshelves. However, this one here has a really simple floating table accompanied with wooden chair.

Two Rows Books
This one here shows an interesting symmetrical setting with two rows of the bookshelves and study table and window in the middle.

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