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working space, wooden floor, white wall, white floating table and shelves, acrylic chair, white modern chair, clear glass pendant Design Sponge

Working Space, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Floating Table And Shelves, Acrylic Chair, White Modern Chair, Clear Glass Pendant
Working Space, White Seamless Floor, White Table, White Modern Chair, Black Office Chair, White Shelves, Grey Pendant, Floaing Shelves
Working Space, Wooden Floor, White Exposed Brick Wall, White Table, Brown Office Chair, Grey Rug, Black Penant, Wall Decorations
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, White Chair, White Shiplap, White Vaulted Ceiling, White Floating Shelves, Glass Window
Working Space, Wooden Floor, White Black Wall, Glass Table, White Cabinet, Black Rattan Chair, Grey Pendant, White Bench, Stripe Cushion, Floating Shelves
Working Space, White Seamless Floor, White Wall, White Floating Shelves, Wooden Table, Triangle Legs, Metal Cair, White Pendants
Working Space, Wooden Floor, Vibrant Patterned Rug, Grey Pendant, White Wall, Floating Bar Table, Grey Stools, Table Lamp
Working Space, Wooden Floor, Patterned White Black Rug, Black Wooden Accent Wall, Black Floating Shelves, Dark Cabinet, Dark Table, White Wall, White Chairs, Chandelier
Working Space, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Grey Pendant, White Wooden Table, Brown Leather Chair, Wooden Shelves
Working Space, Wooden Floor, Floating Wooden Shelves, Black Sconces, Floating Wooden Table, Black Chairs, White Wall

Creating a great space for working is essential, either in the office or in the house. Work space should bring focus and small portion relaxation in the same time so that you can always focus and work but you will not get too pressured and stressed. If you are working from home or home office with several others, here below are some interesting working space that you might want to look at to get some inspirations.

Fresh Space
One of the ways to create a space that would not get you bored is by creating large glass window on the side. This way, once you get bored, you can just look at the window and enjoy the outside view. And this room surely does not give reasons to get bored. Besides the large and beautiful glass window, it has nice and pretty setting of the table, chairs and notes on the wall.

White Work Station
If you work at home, it seems easier to work in white background. It helps you enhance your focus and it will be easier to find everything you need. And this one here puts a perfect example.

Modern Space
Similarly, this one here puts white color to help create a serious yet sophisticated working space. The floating shelves brings less pressure with the decorations on top.

Bright and Warm Space
This one here also puts white for the wall, floor and table. The wooden material brings warmth to this bright room, along with the brown leather chair. The simple pendant gives light ambiance along with the white look.

Modern Warmth
Another nice and light look is seen in this one. With the white vaulted ceiling, though, this room creates more interesting touch. The simple space is completed with boards on the wall in front of each chair for personal notes. This creates fun and comfortable ambiance for those who work.

Deep with Dark
Although it seems like white is the best color for home office, dark actually can offer some depth and seriousness that some people just love to have. With face-to-face working area, this one gives more privacy to the laptop and screen you’re working on.

Simple Dark
Also using black accent wall, this one puts a simpler setting with modern look. Above the wooden floating table, simple floating shelves are installed. And to complete this deep look, black chairs are to complete the set.

Entertaining Working Space
If you like to work from home together with friends and family, this setting can be energizing. A study table is set along the bright window and a comfortable bench is set along the other side of the wall to give you cozy seating for TV time. It is so easy to switch side here.

Working in the Corner
This working space uses the space in maximum use. The thin floating light brings light look along with clear pendant, acrylic and modern chair. This will be perfect for a small or limited space you want to turn into working space.

Bar Table
If you want to make the room looks airy and large, thin and lanky lines can work the best. It can be seen in this corner bar table that works perfectly well for contemplating and working, of course.

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