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woven rattan corner bench, white cushion, white pillows, white seamless floor, wooden round tray table, pendant Homestya

Brown Woven Chairs, White Cushions, Wooden Round Tray Coffee Table, White Wooden Floor, White Plank Wall
Brown Woven Sofa, Brown Rattan Rug, White Wooden Floor, White Round Table, Woven Chairs, Woven Pendant, White Coffee Table
Brown Woven Rattan Low Chair, White Cushion, White Seamless Floor, Woven Pendant, Wooden Coffee Table
Brown Woven Rattan Corner Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Curtain, Round Wooden Coffee Table
Woven Rattan Corner Bench, White Cushion, White Pillows, White Seamless Floor, Wooden Round Tray Table, Pendant
Woven Rattan Low Sofa, Woven Rattan Low Coffee Table, Grey Rug, Grey Pillows
Brown Woven Rattan Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Plank Wall, White Cushion
Brown Woven Rattan Corner Sofa, Woven Rattan Round Coffee Table, White Cushion, Cream Rug, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Crutain
Woven Rattan Chairs, White Wall, Wooden Square Coffee Table, Brown Rug
Brown Woven Rattan Sofa With Grey Cushion, Brown Rug, White Lantern Pendant, Wooden Coffee Table

Illuminating a warm and comfortable look in the living room can be done in many ways. One of the most interesting ones is by adding woven chairs or sofa in the room. The natural and manual feeling of the woven pattern will bring cheerful and warm feeling to the room. This is also perfect for those who love bohemian, natural, or beach look. Here below are ten stunning examples you can have adapt.

Patio Warmth
Putting some woven chairs on the patio makes the patio looks even fresher. It brings warmth and support the cheerfulness of the outdoor air. The pattern on the chairs bring interesting ouch to the patio.

Woven Cloth
While the previous one depicts woven rattan in a raw mode, this one here puts softer and more flexible mode. Combine with white coffee table and white wooden floor, the sofa looks pretty. Accompanied with another natural touches on the bar stools and chairs, the overall look is stunning.

Low Rattan
Similar to the first one, this one also puts a rough woven patterns with rattan. However, designed to put low on the floor, this one here is more preferable to laze around, especially if you have patio with shady area and calm ambiance.

Rattan Set
Although woven rattan chairs look good on the patio, it can also look pretty and interesting in the living room. The room here looks comfortable and cheerful it brings summer feeling inside. With the glass door, the room looks stunningly beautiful.

Face the Beach
This perfect patio is presented by a beautiful rattan sofa simply put on the patio near the beach. In this perfectly pretty patio, you would be able to enjoy the view in a warm and comforting way possible.

Dark and Woven
This one is another woven rattan sofa that looks amazing placed in the living room. Positioned on the corner, this brings a lovely ambiance in the room with perfect place for family and friends to gather.

Rattan Chairs
To accompany woven sofa, woven rattan chairs like these ones are perfect choice. Even if the sofa is not woven rattan sofa, these chairs are delightful to have in the room and it can brighten up the room too, especially when you try to liven up beach look.

Rattan Lounge Chair
Similar to the previous one, this one also a great addition to the living room. The low level and the lounge model enable you to get comfortable and enjoy your time. Completed with wooden coffee table and pendant, this one looks perfect for reading.

Comfortable Sofa
A simple woven rattan sofa can work for a simple and minimalist look but with more interesting touch. The combination of the rattan sofa and the simple and neutral color of grey on the cushion make a comfortable look in this natural living room.

Woven Rattan Bench
Similar to the sofa, this large bench sofa looks delicious to sit and to have conversation on. The white cushion looks comfortable and blends perfectly with the rattan.

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