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tall wooden cabinet with rattan door, wooden legs, wooden floor, rattan chair, rattan rug The Style Files

Tall Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Door, Wooden Legs, Wooden Floor, Rattan Chair, Rattan Rug
Light Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Door, Light Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Sofa, Wooden Round Coffee Table
Rattan Bamboo Cabinet, Wooden Floor, White Wall
Small Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Sliding Door, Wooden Floor, Rattan Ottoman, Brown Rug, Pillows,
Long Cabinet With Rattan Sliding Door, White Open Brick Wall, Grey Floor, Rug, Wooden Round Coffee Table, Light Grey Sofa, Green Ottoman, Table Lamp
Woven Cabinet For Wine, Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Blue Chair, White Pillow
Dark Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Slide Door, Wooden Floor, Green Off White Wall
Long Cabinet With Rattan Door, Wooden Floor, Rattan Rug, Brown Leather Sofa, Round Wooden Coffee Tables, Wooden Chair With Cushions, Plant, Mirror
Wooden Cabinet With Rattan Doors, Drawers, Wooden Floor, Rug, Roud Chair, Plants
Bamboo Cabinet With Rattan Doors, Wooden Floor, White Wall

With the rising of eco-conscious life habit, so many of our life aspects have gradually changed, and interior is included. Many people start to want more eco-friendly furniture that when it has its due, it will be degradable. And natural material is the key for that. As wooden material has been seen quite a lot, it is time to pay attention to its siblings, the rattans, bamboos, etc. Here below are some incredible looking woven cabinet.

The Mix
Having a wooden cabinet with rattan doors will indeed add more beautiful note in the room. However, combining it with wooden drawer will just add its uniqueness, like this one here. With both features, the cabinet looks warm and traditionally beautiful.

Bamboo Cabinet
Besides wood, bamboo can be a great option in cabinet. With bamboo, it will add more exotic note. Bamboo will bring strong natural impression for the room.

Rattan Bamboo
You want even more exotic look in the room? This one here can give you that. With rougher and rawer finish, this can give more exotic and natural character to the room.

Cabinet Bar
While the previous ones are settled low, this one here is higher and has elegant hints on the lanky legs. Not only it can be used as common cabinet to keep your things, this one can also store the alcohol for you.

Long Cabinet
Having the small one can give the natural vibe. However, having the longer one that can go along the wall is a great option too. Combined with rattan rug and wooden coffee table, the room has a strong impression of natural characters.

Soft Natural
In this one here, despite of warm and dark look of natural material, light and soft look is more pronounced. It goes well with the light wooden floor and white sofa, as well as the cotton rug. With the light color, the room does not look heavy.

Dark and Warm
Contrast to the previous one, this one has darker and warmer note in itself. And the interesting part is the sliding rattan door that will probably remind you with the Japanese sliding door, especially all these natural material.

Sliding Door
Similarly, this one too has rattan sliding door. Placed in a room with wooden floor and rattan ottoman like this, the woven rattan cabinet blend perfectly well, not to mention the unique ceiling decoration with flowers.

Tall Rattan Cabinet
This tall one one can store much more things than the smaller one. If you prefer to have the furniture lining to top, rather than to the side, this is perfect for you.

Long Sliding Door
And this one here is for you who rather have the furniture lining to the side, in line with the wall. This low furniture will free the space above it. Thus, it can be a perfect space to have wall decoration put there.

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