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bedroom, beige wall, white bedding, wooden smooth designed wraparound headboar, built in cupboard Great Small Hotels

Black Tufted Wraparound Headboard, White Bedding, Black Wooden Wall, Black Painted Wall, Glass Window, Wooden Study Table, Black Wire Chair
Bedroom, Beige Wall, White Bedding, Wooden Smooth Designed Wraparound Headboar, Built In Cupboard
Bedroom, White Flooring, Light Blue Wall, White Ceiling, Light Blue Wraparound Headboard, Black Small Round Bedside Table, White Bulb Hanging Bedside Table
Bedroom, White Floor, White Bedding, White Headboard, Wooden Wraparound Added Headboard, Wooden Bedside Table, White Bulb Hanging Bedside Lamp
Bedroom, White Floor, White Rug, White Wall, White Ceiling, Black Wooden Cabinet With Mirror, Chandelier, White Bedding, Grey Turfted Wraparound Headboard, Side Table
Bedroom, Beige Flooring Rug, Sage Green Wall, White Wooden Wraparound Headboard, Grey Bedding, Wooden Bedside Table, White Cover Table Lamp, Grey Curtain
Wooden Wall, Wooden Headboard With Pink Layer On Bottom Hald, Side Table, Glass Hanging Bedside Lamp, Brown Bedding
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Light Green Corner Wraparound Headboard, White Wall, Orange Metal Side Table
Bedroom, Wooden Floor, Beige Rug, White Bedding, White Bed Platform Tufted, Wraparound Headboard, White Bedside Cabinet, Chandelier
Bedroom, Grey Flooring Rug, Blue Chair, Blue Ottoman, White Cabinet, White Bed With Corner Wraparound Headboard, White Wall, White Ceiling, White Chandelier

Headboard can look in many kinds of shape and color. But, when it is decided, seldom it will be changed, just like changing bed. That is why it is important to pick the best one that will look timeless, that you will not need to change in a long time. Here below are some ideas on wraparound headboards that you might like. It is because it feels secure and elegant. Thus, it can stay longer in your bedroom.

Tufted Wraparound Headboard
Getting elegant look will be really easy using tufted headboard and foot board. To make it grandeur, wraparound headboard can help the room. Seen here is a white bed platform that looks graceful in the white room.

A Little More
In this wraparound headboard, it can be seen that the wrap on the headboard is not as much as the previous one. In fact, it just looks more like an accent. However, it still has the elegant effect to the room.

Simple Wood
Similar to the previous one, this one here also depicts Asian look from the headboard. The simple and neutral brown look will remind you strongly to the Japanese traditional wall.

Asian Wrap
While the previous one is more Western Culture, this one here depicts Asian characteristics on wooden look in this wraparound headboard. Fitted well on the wall, this headboard gives a unique accent to the room.

Smooth Wooden Headboard
With similar wooden material, this one here also gives natural touch. However, as the design is sleek and smooth, it gives more modern look to the room.

Wrap Tiffany
Moving on more European look, this one here displays contemporary looks that is popular especially in Eastern. The smooth and sleek lines are so beautifully decorate the room into more elegant ambiance.

Simple Wood
Not exactly European or Eastern look, as it can be used in anyone’s bedroom because it is really simple looking, this one here is perfect for you who love minimalist habit and look. With wraparound headboard, you will be able to put some limit to the bed area.

Corner Headboard
For those who love comfortable look, this headboard will be perfect. Put on the corner it can protect anybody from touching the wall while sleeping. It is really uncomfortable especially in winter, and happens to those who can’t stand winter very well.

Cheerful Headboard
Similar to the previous one, this one here also uses cornered headboard to make the bed platform even more comfortable. Seen here, the headboard itself is in light green and the other compliments in the room are in several color. This combination has brought cheerful note to the room.

Black Wrap
While the previous one uses wraparound as decoration and some as protection, this one here uses wraparound headboard as the fully protection. All three sides are protected by fluffy tufted headboard. Being in black, this headboard is such a great match for the dark painted room with wooden accent wall.

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