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living room, wooden floor, yellow blue geometric rug, yellow sofa, white wall, wooden shelves, wall lamp, wooden coffee table, wooden stool Micasa

Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Rug, Blue Modern Sofa, Yellow Chair, Yellow Floor Lamp, White Wall, Cabinet, Wall Decorations, Wooden Coffee Table With Blue Metal Legs
Bedroom, Yellow Floor, Blue Bed Platform, Purple Seating Pillow, Grey Wall, White Globe Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Yellow Blue Geometric Rug, Yellow Sofa, White Wall, Wooden Shelves, Wall Lamp, Wooden Coffee Table, Wooden Stool
Corner, Rug, Rattan Curvy Chair, Mustard Wall, Wooden Coffee Table, Plants
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Grey Sofa, White Rocking Chair, White Wall, Half Yellow Wall, Wooden Round Modern Coffee Table
Study Area, White Floor, White Wall, Yellow Accent On Wall And Floor, White Table On Wheels, White Chair, Yellow Table Lamp
Dining Room, White Wall, Wooden Floor, Wooden Table, Black Emtal Chairs, Yellow Accent On The Wall, Foating Shelves
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Rattan Chair, Wooden Cabinet With Yellow Drawers, White Coffe Table, Yellow Curtain, Silver Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Sofa, Yellow Lounge Chair With Ottoman, Blue White Rug, Blue White Yellow Round Coffee Table, Green Wall, White Wall, White Floor Lamp, Shelves, Cabinet
A Study Area With Dark Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Painted Area, Glass Study Table, Black Chair, Grey Sofa

Yellow has always been a vibrant bright color that brings joy and happiness. When it is implemented in a room, it indeed brings a strong impression and energizing. However, it can be too vibrant. For those who love to add yellow in a room without getting too vibrant, here are some great ideas to get from.


On Rug and Sofa

Adding yellow will always make a room feel joyful. Because of its vibrant color, it is common that the yellow items will get the focal attention, like here in the picture. The neutral floor and wall has been a great canvas for the yellow sofa and rug. But, although the sofa looks so solidly bold, the geometric rug looks amazingly pronounced too.


Lounge Chair

Although the room is already colorful with soft colors, yellow can put a great final touch to make the room more interesting. The mustard lounge chair and yellow table have been a great compliment to the blue room.


Rattan Chair

To be a great accent, an item can be in a really different color or unexpected, like this yellow chair here. The white wooden floor and wall has been a great canvas that has made yellow more pronounced. And indeed the drawers on the cabinet, the area on the wall, curtain, and the rattan chair looks amazingly bold.


Soft Yellow

Adding yellow does not always putting the most vibrant color. With soft yellow color, the hint of cheerfulness and joy is still served well. Combined with white and another soft color, the room will look fun but not too bright.


A Bit Yellow 

Another way to add yellow to the room is by painting the wall on yellow. It can be full yellow, on accent wall, or half yellow. The one seen here is yellow only on the study area while the rest of the room is in white. With yellow painted wall on the area, it limits the clutters on the area only.


Yellow Accent

Similar to the previous one, this one also brings yellow as an accent to the wall in really little part of it. However, it is not only on the wall but it also continues to the floor. This unique painting makes yellow color looks even more pronounced.


On Floating Shelves

Another smart way to paint the wall in yellow on a certain area is seen here. While the previous one is seen in the study area, this one here is seen as an accent in the dining room, especially in the area of floating shelves. Painting the wall here makes the floating shelves look even more noticeable.


Yellow Floor

As yellow is a really vibrant color, many have advised not to use yellow in a bedroom as it will make you energized, thus difficult to rest. However, if it’s on the floor, when you lay on your bed, you will not see the yellow color anymore. And it still brings joy to the room.


Full On

As yellow is really a great color to feel energized, it is understandable not to be able to paint it all in yellow. However, to avoid too bright color, a muted or soft side of yellow can be chosen instead. Seen in this one here is a corner with muted mustard color that delivers the happiness of yellow and warmth of mustard.


Half Yellow

Besides full on yellow, half painted yellow is a beautiful choice too. Painted in a rough way, this half yellow half looks enticing around its white surrounding.

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