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yellow bathroom, yellow patterned floor tiles, yellow wall, white wall tiles, white tiles on the tub, white cabinet with white sink, black wall VK

Yellow Bathroom, White Wall, Yellow Wall, Marble Floor, Marble Wall In The Shower, White Sink White Tub
Yellow Bathroom, Grey Wall, Yellow Triangle Tiles On The Wall, White Marble Floating Cabinet, Pendant, Marble Bench, Round Mirr
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Tiny Tiles As Floor And Accent Wall, White Wall, White Floating Cabinet, White Toilet, Yellow Chair, Mirror
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Wall, White Wall, White Sink, White Vanity, White Toilet, Brown Floor
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Patterned Floor Tiles, Yellow Wall, White Wall Tiles, White Tiles On The Tub, White Cabinet With White Sink, Black Wall
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Hexagonal Ties On The Wall And Floor, Blue Framed Glass Partition, Toilet
Yellow Bathroom, Black Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellow Shower Room, Black Rall Cabinet, Yellow Sink, Mirror
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Wall, White Herringbone Wall Tiles, Patterned Floor Tiles, White Vanity Table, White Sink, White Toilet, Round Mirror
Yellow Bathroom, Yellow Subway Tiles On The Wall, White Wall, White Tiny Floor Tiles, White Tub, White Curtain, White Toilet
Yellow Bathroom, Patterned Hexagonal Floor, Toilet With Wooden Lid, Yellow Subway Wall, Indented Shelves, Sink

Bathroom can be decorated in anyway you want. You can do it in modern, rustic or minimalist. Or, if you love cheerful and fun ambiance, you would love to have yellow in the bathroom. There are so many things in the bathroom that you can touch with yellow, from the ceiling, floor, backsplash, sink and so many more. This way, you would be able to give yellow many platforms. These below are some vibrant bathrooms with yellow accents in the bathroom.

Tiny Yellow Tiles
This bathroom looks so bold and vibrant. The combination of white and yellow strengthens both colors and make a nice and fun look. The yellow accent is lined from the floor to half of the wall by tiny tiles. In the middle of the wall, the glass window that completes the vibrant look with accessories.

Yellow Triangle
This bathroom uses yellow triangle on the wall that makes the bathroom looks amazing. The geometrical lines on the wall makes a modern look from it while the white marble floating cabinet makes the bathroom looks elegant.

Yellow Shower
Besides white, black is also a great complement to yellow color. This one here shows how yellow can combine with white and yellow in the bathroom. Putting yellow on the shower area, the room looks vibrant and unique.

Yellow Accent
Having fun yellow bathroom does not always mean that you should put everything in yellow. This one here puts yellow as accent wall and makes the room looks vibrant and cheerful. Combined with soft and natural accent, this yellow accent looks even brighter and bolder.

Yellow Space
This one puts yellow on the wall and ceiling and making the corner looks bright. The marble floor and wall bring a neutral and natural accents like white tub and sink and marble floor and shower wall.

Yellow and Modern
The bathroom below shows how even the simple subway tiles can look so strong with yellow color. Combined with patterned floor, this bathroom looks sophisticated.

Hexagonal Yellow
For a modern bathroom, getting geometrical lines on the bathroom is so common. This one here uses yellow and creates a fun and cheerful vibe in the bathroom. With blue framed glass partition, the room looks bright and airy.

Modern Yellow
This bathroom creates a simple and modern setting with yellow subway tiles on the wall and tiny floor tiles. The simple setting makes the room looks large and airy. The yellow color brings the simple accent with bright and bold vibe.

Yellow Wall
While the previous one uses yellow subway tiles, this one here uses the white ones and puts yellow on the wall instead. The white furniture makes the yellow wall looks pronounced. The patterned floor on the wall makes this combination even more interesting.

Modern Grand in Yellow
With tall and grand room, getting fun and cheerful yellow ambiance is easy. This one here puts yellow on the wall and makes a really fun look. Combined with black on the window sill and white furniture with subtle details, this bathroom looks strong obviously.

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