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kitchen, yellow floor, yellow square tiny tiles backsplash, white bottom cabinet, wooden floating shelves, grey island with white top, blue stool, white shelves Homify

Kitchen, Yellow Seamless Floor, White Wall And Backsplash, Silver Bottom Cabinet, White Upper Cabinet
Kitchen, Yellow Detailed Chair, Glass Top Round Table, Silver Kitchen, Yellow Backsplash, Yellow, White, Black Pendants, Grey Sofa
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Wihte Wall, Yellow Bottom Cabinet, Yellow Island, Grey Kitchen Top Adn Backsplash, Apron Sink, Black Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, Stone Floor, Rattan Bench, Wooden Round Table, Yellow Chairs, Wooden Bottom Cabinet, White Wall, Yellow Patterned Backsplash, Black Pendant
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, Yellow Stove, White Backsplash, White Upper Cabinet, Rug
Kitchen, Wooden Floor, White Chairs, Yellow Sofa, Wooden Table, White Kitchen, Silver Pendant, Shelves
Kitchen, Yellow Floor, Yellow Square Tiny Tiles Backsplash, White Bottom Cabinet, Wooden Floating Shelves, Grey Island With White Top, Blue Stool, White Shelves
Kitchen, Grey Floor, White Bottom Cabinet, White Yellow Upper Cabinet, White Kitchen Top, White Backsplash, White Island
Dining Room, Wooden Floor, Open Brickk Wall, Floating Wine Shelves, Wooden Chairs, Yellow Top Round Table, Pendant, White Ceiling
Kitchen, White Kitchen Vanity, Yellow Sink, Black Stove, Silver Faucet

Yellow has always been a color of energy, fun, and cheerfulness. And that is why it is used in a room to make the room feel more refreshed and bright. One of the room that will welcome yellow is a place of social encounter: a kitchen. Adding yellow to your kitchen will make the kitchen looks bright and popped out. Here are ten bright kitchens to show how yellow will play a bold game in the room.

Yellow Bench
One of the easiest way to make a yellow mark on a kitchen is by adding yellow seat inside. This one here uses yellow sofa to complete the kitchen nook while the surrounding is either in white or wood brown color. This fresh touch has made the kitchen looks more lively.

Yellow Simple Chair
This one here also uses yellow seating in showing the bright yellow vibe. Although the bright yellow seems popped out, this one here has an incredible kitchen from the start. The stone, wooden boards, and tiles on the floor give an amazing texture completed with rattan bench, yellow patterned backsplash, and wooden cabinet.

Yellow Detailed Chair
This one here similarly puts bold and bright yellow on the chair. However, in this modern and rather minimalist kitchen, the yellow chairs are with interesting details that completes the quite clean surface. Matching the chairs, the yellow backsplash radiates brightly on the back.

Yellow Table
If you combine dining area with kitchen, you can add yellow touch on the dining table and makes it the focal point of the sight. This one here puts yellow table among the neutral look and it works the charms.

Yellow Sink
To make a subtle bright touch, adding something small like yellow sink is a brilliant move especially when the surrounding is left either in neutral color like white or dark color like black.

Yellow Stove
Another thing that can make a simple yet bold touch is by adding yellow stove in the kitchen. This one here adds yellow stove among white kitchen and the room looks bold yet still calm.

Yellow Upper Line
This one here uses yellow not only in the small and simple thing but uses it in bolder furniture like upper cabinet. Amidst the beautiful glossy white surface, this glossy yellow upper cabinet looks so pronounced. The addition of yellow stool is a really nice touch.

Yellow Floor
This kitchen also goes further in being bold. Not adding it in the furniture, it adds in on the floor. The seamless yellow floor looks so strong here.

Big Yellow Line
This one too has a strong yellow line. However, not only on the floor, this one also has a strong line on the backsplash. Using yellow tiny square tiles, the backsplash not only having a bright and bold color but also simple texture.

Yellow Brush
In this kitchen, yellow color brushes on the bottom cabinet, islands, and the frame of the windows. It adds an attractive pattern in the kitchen.

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