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living room with striped rug, grey chair, yellow sofa, yellow curtain, shite shelves, paintings, colorful pillow Tres Studio

Living Room With Grey Rug, Grey Sofa, Side Table, Yellow Shelves On Top Of The Table
Living Room With White Walls, Light Brown Wooden Floor, Yellow Golden Velvet Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table, Plants, Paintings
Living Room With Blue Sofa, Blue Chair, Blue Rug, Glass Top Coffee Table, Gold Ottoman, Yellow Curtain
Warm Living Room With Yellow Sofa, Rattan Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, White Walls, Tile Floor, Plants
Living Room With Striped Rug, Grey Chair, Yellow Sofa, Yellow Curtain, Shite Shelves, Paintings, Colorful Pillow
Living Room With Dark Grey Sofa And Rug, White Coffee Table, Plants, Yellow Woven Ottoman
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Wide Glass Windows, Rug, Dark Purple Sofa, Yellow Rocking Chair, Plants, White Lamps, Light Brown Ottoman
Living Room With Blue Wall, Metal Coffee Table Iwth Glass Top, Wooden Cupboard, Decoration, Yellow Sofa
Living Room With White Rug, White And Black Coffee Table, Black Floor Lamp, Plants, Shelves, Yellow Sofa
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Wall, Yellor Sofa, Yellow Wooden Rack, White Rocking Chair, Brown Rug, Rattan Ottoman, Silver Lamps

Yellow has been associated with cheerfulness, happiness, clarity, energy, optimism, and many more. So, it is understandable when a room has yellow tint on it, even though it’s not much, and it makes the room has brighter vibe. Because of yellow has strong effect on its surrounding, it will give great affect once it’s put into a room, from a curtain, a sofa, or even something small like an ottoman. And one of the rooms in the house that will do great in adding more enthusiasm is living room. So, let’s check how yellow might make your living room perfectly bright.


Yellow Hello

To start with, let’s see a living room with quite strong yellow vibe. you can see that the main attention would be the bold color sofa. This velvety sofa will give you comfort in the living room. The brown surrounding complements this yellow color perfectly. Even the yellow wooden racks look bold.


Yellow Touch

Similar, with the previous picture, the picture we have below empowers the room with its yellow sofa. But of course, in this one, the yellow one is only the sofa. And, it surrounded with black white colors that only accentuate the cheerful tones of yellow.


Yellow on Blue

Still in sofa wise, this one is also a great idea on how you can rearrange your living room. The blue wall and grey rug gives the room large effect as it’s the same color.  It gives the room the modern vibe too. However, the yellow sofa enlightens the room perfectly that the room can focus on its positive energy.


Bright Sun

While the previous picture states the modern ambiance it creates, this one here is warmer and relaxing with its rattan rug and wooden coffee table, not to mention the plants and the feeling of nature that feels extra here. That, and add the bright sun to the room, it all looks so energetic.


Cheerful Note

If you want to have a really cheerful living room, yellow is the best color to add the power. Like the picture below, the yellow sofa is really empowering the room to have the cheerful note. The colorful pillows are the best complements too. And, even with colorful detail, the yellow color of the sofa and curtain seems like win the vibe game.


Yellow Golden Velvet

If you want to have something a little bit yellow, or yellowish, but you want to be a bit different, a golden look velvet sofa might make your room not too bold but still fresh.


Yellow Curtain

Now, the next thing you can add to get yellow int in your living room is by having yellow curtain. The stunning room below is having the best colors of all piece of furniture from the blue rug, blue chair and sofa. The lighting fixture is really exquisite too. So, the yellow color here is really a great addition to the great room. It makes the room even more lively and keeps it cheerful.

living room with blue sofa, blue chair, blue rug, glass top coffee table, gold ottoman, yellow curtain

Jonathan Adler 

Yellow Shelves

If you are not too bold with having too much yellow, this example is something you can try too. If you have monochrome room and you want to change it a bit, you will love this yellow framed glass shelves. With a bit of change, the effect is great.


Sunny Rocking Chair

Another thing you can add to make your room feels positive is by adding yellow chair. It does not have to be big and win the element in the room. It can be small yet the color will do the justice. If you can find yellow rocking chair like this, it’ll be perfect.


Yellow Dot

Bold color like yellow is probably the best to be in a room with dark circumstance so that it will be a contrast. It will make the yellow color stands out, just like this woven ottoman. So, are you ready to give yellow to your living room?

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