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wooden sofa with yellow cushion, white floor, rattan basket, shelves, black crate table. Fall for DIY

Curvy Corner Yellow Sofa, Rug, White Wall, Hanging Plants, Rectangular Wooden Coffee Table
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, Brown Yellow Sofa, Round Coffee Table, White Wall, White Floating Shelves
Yellow Velvet Sofa, Ru, Grey Wall, Wall Paintings, Round Side Table, Round Nesting Tables
Yellow Sofa Bed With Round Pillow On Both Ends, Tufted Details
Corner Yellow Sofa In The Living Room, Wooden Floor, Glass Partition, Round Side Table, Round Coffee Table
Living Room, White Wooden Floor, Green Wall, Yellow Sofa, Grey Chair, Silver Curvy Floor Lamp, Shelves, White Coffee Table
Yellow Sofa With Black Legs, Wooden Floor, Striped Rug, Side Table, White Wall, Round Pendants
Classic Minimalist Yellow Sofa, Wooden Floor, White Subway Wall, Wooden Dining Set, Sconces, Open Floating Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Grey Rug, Velvet Yellow Sofa And Chair, White Wall, Sconce, Round Wooden Coffee Table
Wooden Sofa With Yellow Cushion, White Floor, Rattan Basket, Shelves, Black Crate Table.

Yellow has been associated with fun and energizing vibe that it is used to make a room feel merrier. However, with the right saturation, it can be warm and giving comfortable look in the room. In the pictures below, you will see some warm and comfortable looking sofa that looks perfect for living room.

Comfortable Sofa
Seen in this one here, the yellow sofa has brought out warm vibe to the modern styled room. The big size and corner shape, the sofa shows familiarity for many people to gather around together. The end side is a perfect place to get some nap in the midday or after a long conversation with friends.

Yellow in Minimalist
For a modern and minimalist living room too, yellow can bring more warmth as seen in this picture below. The fluffy yellow cushion has brought comfortable vibe to the room. Although minimalist can look too strict, this warm yellow can fix it well.

Warm Sofa
Combining yellow pillow with dark yellow has brought an interesting blend in the sofa that brings both warm and playful vibe altogether. The difference of saturation makes them a match but still not too boring.

Velvety Sun
Velvet material brings comfort and elegant vibe for a living room. This can be seen in the picture below. In the minimalist and modern living room, the yellow velvet sofa gives glamorous hint to it.

Yellow Sofa Bed
Bringing cheerful vibe is what yellow color can do the best. Put in a comfortable item like sofa or daybed like this, it creates much warmth for your living room. Or, you can put it near the window too, to make it a great reading nook with enough light.

Fluffy Yellow
Brings out comfort has explained this yellow sofa that looks so ripe and soft. In a room with modern and minimalist look, this will be a stand out item and balance the room not to be too stark.

Classic Modern
The clean lines in the sofa will be a perfect match for a modern room. The classic old design makes it look good in a farmhouse room too. Anyhow, this can bring warmth even with this clean design.

Pretty Yellow
Besides illuminating warmth, yellow in warm hue can also brings out pretty look when it is designed with pretty little details, like this one here. The lined back brings some textured and pattern to the sofa without being too much.

Round Corner
For a comfortable sofa that can invite many people, this curvy corner sofa is indeed endearing. The warmth from its own has been like an invitation to hang around on it.

Modern Yellow
Becoming the main point of a room is an easy job for yellow. Put in a room with pastel color, this yellow sofa has been the strongest point. Bridged with silver floor lamp and chic coffee table, the room looks balanced.

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