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blue, wooden herringbone patterned tiles, dark blue ceiling, dark blue door, white wall, white bookshelves, pendant Domino

Black Red Wooden Green Pink Herringbone Floor And Wainscot Pattern, White Table, White Chairs, White Wall, Red Arch
Colorful Herringbone Floor Tiles, Wooden Wall, Wooden Table, Wooden Shelves, White Bike
Black White Wooden Chevron Floor Tiles, Grey Wooden Bench, White Wall Window
White Pink Black Herringbone Tiles One The Floor, White Wall, White Stairs, Black Rail
White And Brown Wooden Herringbone Floor Tiles On The Bathroom, White Floating Vanity, Wooden Vanity, White Wall
Blue, Wooden Herringbone Patterned Tiles, Dark Blue Ceiling, Dark Blue Door, White Wall, White Bookshelves, Pendant
White And Brown Wooden Herringbone Floor Tiles, Wooden Bench, Wooden Table, White Mid Century Modern Chair
Grey Combination Of Herringbone Pattern On The Floor, Large Mirror, Grey Wall, White Wall, Wooden Door
Dark Colored Chevron Pattern Floor Tiles, White Wall, White Ceiling
White Pink, Yellow Herringbone Tiles On The Floor And Wall, White Ceiling, White Tub, White Vanity, Mirror

Zigzag floor has always been really interesting because of its geometric pattern. It generates a feeling of new era details are not always curvy. It gives an interesting look not only in its simple pattern but also in the pattern with many colors and irregular lines. Here are ten attractive look on zigzag pattern on the floor that you will love, especially when you’re in need of inspirations.

Mixed Herringbone
As the most popular pattern seen on the floor, herringbone patter delivers irregular zigzag in its regular pattern. That always makes it really interesting. And putting them on with six different colors from neutral to bold in quite random place makes it even more interesting. This bold pattern is surely only for those who try to find some strong impression.

Scandinavian Chevron
This one here uses the regular zigzag pattern on the floor with a really interesting irregularity on white tiles as the transition between black and brown wooden tiles. Installed on the alley, this on here will be a great sight in the entrance.

Bold Colors
This one here also uses herringbone pattern in its floor. The floor is decorated by white, red, blue, and yellow in different boldness. With bold colors of yellow, blue, and red that are combined with neutral white, it is a great bold combination.

White Combination
This one here is the combination of white and brown wooden tiles in herringbone pattern. This neutral combination looks perfect with wooden bench and table. It is a great choice to create modern room.

Grey Floor Plan
This one here shows a neutral look of herringbone pattern on the floor. With this neutral pattern, it will be easy to decorate the room in any way you like. The floor is neutral with some details on it.

Wood and White
In this beautiful bathroom, the white and brown wooden tiles look mix beautifully together with jagged pattern on the transition. It makes the perfect white bathroom looks more interesting with something “broken”.

Some Accent
This bathroom can be a white bathroom covered in herringbone pattern on the wall and floor but with pink and yellow accent here and there. It makes the bathroom more lively with modern vibe.

Dark Combination
While the previous ones are brighter, this one here uses dark colored combination that live up the white room. White and dark colors create complementing ambiance.

On the Alley
Alley can be really deserted and lonely but this one here shows how herringbone tiles can make the alley to feel more lively and merry. Combined with dark purple door and ceiling with white book shelves, the alley does not look lonely at all.

Patterned Open Room
Creating patterned open room can be done by combining herringbone with many colors like this one here. Overall, it looks like some blocks of color on the floor. But, examining closely, the detailed pattern will be seen.

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