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bathroom mirror with golden lines frame from the outlines to the mirror itself Pinterest

White Framed Round Mirror On The Bathroom With Grey Tiles Wall, White Sink, Brown Wooden Cabinet
Mirror With Thin Frame, Shelves Behind
Bathroom Mirror With Golden Lines Frame From The Outlines To The Mirror Itself
Three Golden Framed Mirrors With Two Side Angled, Lamp On Top Of The Mirrrors
Floating Frameless Sqare Mirror On Grey Walls
Mirror In The Bathroom That Is Square, With Added Mirror With Ring Of Lights As Frame
Wooden Bathroom Shelves With Sliding Mirror
Floating Framless Round Bathroom Mirror On White Bathroom With White Sink Vanity
Long Tall Mirror From The Ceiling To The Floor In A Bathroom With Marble Vanity And Sink, Marble Floor, Tiles Wall
Medium Sized Round Bathroom Mirrors Surround With Little Round Mirrors In The Left Side

Mirror offers you so many things from pretty wall decoration, wider effect of the room, and assistant in getting ready. And that means that you will need mirror in the bathroom as much as you need the sink vanity. Because, that’s what you need to make sure you are ready to go and make sure you brush every part of your teeth, a really good assisting tool. Here below are beautiful mirrors that will help you beautify your self and your bathroom.


Beautiful White 

This white classic framed bathroom mirror is looking beautiful on the tiled wall behind. This one is for you who love to look classic.


Long Floored 

This long mirror is a great deal for you who likes to get ready in your bathroom, to make sure your appearance is accepted. This long mirror will give you larger and wider angle of the room at your back when you see your reflection. The tall figure makes the mirror looks slim and the combination with the surrounding is balanced even though it’s asymmetrical.


Shelves at the Back

Do you like something light, simple, and subtle? Well, you will like this one mirror. In this mirror, you will be able to store your bathroom essentials at the back of the mirror. With its simple design, it will be best for minimalist bathroom too.


Beautiful Frame

If you love something beautiful that looks like it comes from your fantasy mind, you might like this one. It’s like a pendant of a necklace or pin. Its beautiful golden lines create its own ambiance of elegance.


Sliding Mirror

Similar to the one with shelves at the back of the mirror, this one also has quite large storage to keep so many utilities inside.  The difference is that the mirror is slid so it won’t need you to get back when you need to take something from the shelves. Its wooden material has ashen look that match perfectly with the wall and the vanity.


Angled Mirrors

If you like to have large mirrors, this one here below can offer you that service. The better part is that it is three mirrors with two on the lest and right can be angled to help you see the side of you that is hard to see.


Light Framed Mirror

While the previous ones have given you the idea on how a framed mirror might look in your bathroom, this one here shows you how a frameless mirror can present itself to you. As you can see in the picture below, besides it’s frameless, it’s also has a ring of light from the back. It’s really beautiful as if the light is the frame.


Floating Square Mirror

Similarly, this one here also depicts how beautiful a frameless mirror can look. With low lights from the bathroom, the light from the back of the mirror has its own mysterious and beautiful ambiance. The installation on this one makes it like it’s floating too so that it feels light.


Collecting Mirrrors

If you think you can only choose one mirror and that’s it, you ‘re wrong. You can pick some mirrors to complete your bathroom. But of course, it will be wise to find the complementing one, like this one in the picture below. With one set of mirrors, frameless, and floating installed, you get a beautiful effect surely. Not to mention the ring of light.


Small Added Mirror

This one here literally uses the ring of light as the frame of the small round added mirror. This kind of mirror is adjustable so that you can see the reflection at the angled you want. With the light, it will be so helpful.


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