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bathroom, white hexagonal marble floor tiles, purple wallpaper, white marble vanity, golden framed mirror, white sconces Lucy Williams Interiors

Bathroom, White Marble Floor, White Sink, White Framed Mirror, Blue Octopus Wallpaper, White Sconces
Bathroom, Blue Patterned Wallpaper, White Sink, Round Wooden Mirror, White Sconces
Bathroom, Wooden Floor, White Marble Wall,pink Herringbone Accent Wall, Floating Wooden Vanity, White Top, White Sink, Round Mirror, Pendants
Bathroom, White Wainscoting, White Cabinet, White Marble Top, Golden Framed Mirror, Pink Sconces
Bathroom, White Hexagonal Marble Floor Tiles, Purple Wallpaper, White Marble Vanity, Golden Framed Mirror, White Sconces
Bathroom, Golden Flocks Wallpaper, White Frame Mirror Cabinet, Marble Floating Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, Pink Swan Wall, Black Marble Counter Top Vanity, Round Golden Mirror
Bathroom, Black White Geomterical Lines Wallpaper, Sconces, White Marble Floating Vanity, Square Miror
Bathroom, Blue Wallpaper, White Fishes, Blue Cabinet, White Toilet, Mirror, White Sconces
Bathroom, White Wallpaper With Red Bird, White Floating Sink, Mirror

Vanity in the bathroom can be a great deal. Although some people need it just to be there, some other want the bathroom vanity to look pretty that whenever they come into the bathroom, the pretty sight will welcome here. Even in the small space of vanity. One of the things to make a vanity looks interesting is by adding some pattern on it. Here below are ten beautiful accents you can look up for the vanity.

Luxurious Pink
This glamorous bathroom look beautiful with its marble details on the side and the blushing pink details on the accent wall on the back of the vanity. This pink herringbone wall looks glamorous with floating cabinet, golden pendants and mirror. The combination is incredible.

Geometrical Lines
This elegant vanity that decorate the setting with light and simple look puts an interesting lines on the wall. This makes the wall looks strong and modern.

Golden Accent
If you love elegant and pretty golden look, you can add wallpaper with golden details. This one here puts a lot of golden accent on the wall and create a strong gold setting complemented with cream floating marble and white framed mirror.

Flowery Accent
To add something sweet and fresh, flowery wallpaper will be one of the best options. This one simple vanity looks bold and interesting with the pink flowery wallpaper on the back.

Full Pattern
Wallpaper with tiny full patterns can look really interesting too. This one here shows how pretty it can be, complemented by white traditional sink and simple mirror and sconces. The blue color gives some calm while the pattern puts interesting details.

White Swan
Adding some animal pattern can be a really interesting addition to the room. This one here puts a white swan picture on the sweet pink background along with some dragonfly that create a fresh look to this vanity. The black marble countertop puts some great baseline to the setting.

Red Spots
Giving some contrast to the bathroom can gives a powerful look, like this one below. The white background on the wall brings neutral ambiance but the red bird add some bod spots on the setting and make the vanity looks interesting.

Blue Octopus
This one here also puts some animal on the wall. And while some may think it’s childish or too much, this blue octopuses on the wall tells you otherwise. With white traditional setting, this one looks elegant.

Fresh Water
This one here is another fresh look with animals. Putting up big picture of fish in blue water, this one here has a balanced look with blue sink and cabinet and white sconces and toilet.

Purple Lines
This one here puts a strong and beautiful purple wallpaper on the wall and give an interesting pattern to the bathroom. The small and simple vanity looks stronger and prettier as the wallpaper itself looks like a beautiful art wall.

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