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round wheel with floating bench and cushions and pilloes inside Inhabitat

Wooden Square Room With Round Open Hole, Purple Sofa With Pillows
Rattan Ball Bench With White Cushioin And Pillows Inside
Round Wheel With Floating Bench And Cushions And Pilloes Inside
Round Rattan Pergola, Twobuilt In Benches On The End, Rattan Table In The Middle
White Rattan Apple Shaped Bench With Green Cushion And Pillows
Wooden Slabs Square Box With Round Holes, Pillows
Round Glass Wheel Bench With Wooden Frame, Wooden Bench On Both Ends, White Table In The Middle
Wooden Ball With Round Holes, Bench And Pillows Inside
Round Curvy Pergola With Details, Wooden Table In The Middle, Bench On Both Ends
Golden Round Curve Roof Bench With Shelves, Built In Bench And Table

Garden or patio can offer whole different kind of challenge when it comes to beautify in, compare to the interior design. The plants and flowers are living things and it can change very much. However, you can add an inanimate thing that will make a great different to the backyard obviously. It can be something pretty, unique, or both. And these round characters on bench will surely make some nice sights in the garden.

Detailed Pergola
A nice sight of pergola is seen in this one below. With its curvy arch ceiling, this pergola brings beauty in itself. The bench on both ends and table in the middle completes this pergola to be a romantic bench in the garden.

Round Arch
This one is perfect for those who love to add natural look and warmer ambiance. Not only that, with this big wooden half-open room in the backyard, you will be able to enjoy your time inside both in hot and rainy days. The spacious room enables you to hang out with many friends and family.

Wooden Box
Similar to the previous one, this one too uses wooden box to get the round holes on the sides. This makes the boxes looks incredible to be a perfect hideout.

Rattan Pergola
For those who love natural and fresh look, you will fall in love with this one. The rattan material looks fresh and natural and it brings fun ambiance to the garden too. With built-in bench on both ends and cushion on it, it looks comfortable too.

Bohemian Bench
If you love natural bohemian style, this one here will be a perfect bench for you to put in the garden. The rough look on the rattan texture looks amazing and warm for a garden. It is a fresh sight for the garden.

Rough Ball
Similar to the previous one, this one here too put natural look for the bench, but with ball shape. This makes the ball bench looks like a natural nest. Positioned in the corner like this one here saves the space in the garden and lets more space for plants.

Golden Wheel
In this one here, you can see a strong and elegant look of a golden wheel bench. The round curvy roof is in square boxes that you can use for shelves. You can put some fresh plants to decorate it too.

Round Pipes
Using round concrete pipes can make your garden looks beautiful too. This one here painted the surface in blue to make it look fresh. The inside is filled with floating bench with cushions and pillows.

White Apple
Shaped like apple, this white rattan ball bench will make your backyard looks delicious. The freshness of a fruit will be delivered perfectly.

Time Machine
This one here is really beautiful with its clear glass surface. It makes the wheel looks antique just like a time machine in an old movies. This is for you who love to run with your imagination.

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