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living room, white marble floor, white wall, white sofa, white blanket, brown tufted bench, white wainscoting, side tabl Maison de Pax

Living Room, Blue Pattterned Rug, Blue White Striped Chair, White Wooden Coffee Table, Off White Sofa, White Wall, White Shelves
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Blue Rug, Light Blue Sofa, White Chair, Wooden Tray Coffee Table, Side Table, White Wall, White Table Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Light Blue Sofas And Chairs, Blue Floor Lamp, White Table Lamp, Side Table, Blue Wall
Living Room, White Marble Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, White Blanket, Brown Tufted Bench, White Wainscoting, Side Tabl
Living Room, Brown Floor Tiles, Blue Patterned Rug, Blue Tufted Round Ottoman, White Sofas, Black Cabinet, Black Table Lamp, Fireplace
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Wall, White Sofa, White Coffee Table, Pendant, White Woven Ottoman, White Side Cabinet, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, White Woode Planks, Blue Wooden Ceiling, White Framed Window, White Side Table, White Table Lamp, Blue Sofa, Yellow Ottoman
Living Room, Grey Floor, White Wall, Dark Blue Sofa, White Coffee Table, White Ottoman, Golden Pendant
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Sofa, White Marble Coffee Table, Golden Pendant, Leather Chair, White Floor Lamp
Living Room, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Chairs, Rattan Round Ottoman, Rattan Basket, White Side Table, Golden Floor Lamp, Striped Curtain

Living room is a great place to gather and socialize with your loved ones. It is a perfect place to have some conversation. Having it in the perfect decoration would make your time in the living room even more amazing. One of the incredible looks in the living room is fresh and natural look, including beach look. If you love fresh and beach look, you would love to see these beautiful beach themed living room.

White with Blue Pillows
This easy living room looks so natural with wooden floor and white wall and chairs. The rattan round ottoman supports the natural beach look in here. The blue pillows are nice touches in this white natural living room.

Golden Touch
This living room makes an elegant look even in the soft and light look. The pastel sofa blends the blue and white patterned rug perfectly well. The white marble coffee table balances the room while the golden touch makes the entire room lively.

Blue Foam
This blue sofa makes a great accent for a fresh beach look. The white wood planks on the wall and the blue ceiling creates a nice boat look. And the yellow ottomans brings in the sunlight inside.

Light Blue
This living room speaks elegance. The blue sofas and chairs are a great set. With striped details on the sofa and curtain, nice details are added in the room. The natural brown look balances the room and make it warm.

White Beach
Combining white and blue color in a beach room is understandable, as seen in this one. The blue patterned rug makes the room looks lively while the white sofas make a neutral and pretty resemblance of the sand.

Dark Trench
This living room uses a dark sofa that looks like a deep sea water from above. The white coffee table and ottoman completes the look perfectly well. And the blue white accents on the china vases and chair looks just incredible.

Light Blue
This living room looks bright and fresh with the use of white wall and sofa. The lighting fixtures make a warm traditional touches in the room along with the woven ottoman and the traditional coffee table and side cabinet.

Warm and Bright
This living room is a paradox. While the white sofas, wall and large window bring in bright light, the room is warmed by the brown marble floor and the fireplace. Blue touches makes the space even more interesting.

White Comfort
This living room creates the comfort with white sofa and the brown tufted bench. Even tough the setting is simple, the living room easy set looks perfect and pretty. If you love minimalist look, this simple set is perfect.

Bright Beach Look
This is another living room with beach look that brings out bright ambiance. The light blue makes the room feels soft and elegance. Completed with wooden tray coffee table, the room is even more comfortable.

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