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home office, white floor, white wall, rattan chair, white study table, white office chair, round ottoman, pink patterned rug, plants on white pots Decoomo

Home Office, White Floor, White Wall, Rattan Chair, White Study Table, White Office Chair, Round Ottoman, Pink Patterned Rug, Plants On White Pots
Home Office, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Study Table With Triangle Foot Frame, Wooden Floating Shelves, Rattan Pot
Home Office, Wooden Floor, Yellow Patterned Rug, Black Simple Study Table, Rattan Chair, Rattan Floating Shelves, Wooden Support, Plant Accessories
Home Office, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Wooden Small Study Table, White Midcentury Chair, White Floor Table, White Patterned Rug
Home Office, Wooden Floor, Wooden Study Table With Drawers, Golden Ironed Chair, White Shilank Wall, Rattan Sofa
Home Office, Wooden Simple Study Table, Wooden Stool With Rattan Seat, White Pot, Floating Wooden Frame Shelves
Home Office, Wooden Study Table, Brown Floor Tiles, Wooden Chair, Rattan Basket, White Pendant
Home Office, Concrete Floor, Wooden Table, Curvy Office Chair With Leather Seat, White Wall, Plants
Home Office, White Wall, Wooden Study Table, Wooden Floating Shelves, Plants, Rattan Chair
Home Office, Wooden Floor, Brown Rug, White Wooden Modern Table, Wooden Chair, White Shelves With Drawers, Rattan Pendant

Creating a fresh and serious home office at the same time can be done with bohemian look. Bohemian look can make a room looks naturally beautiful and fresh. Not only that, the warmth of the bohemian style can make the room looks comfortable. And that is a really important for a home office. These below are ten stunningly beautiful bohemian home office that you can look up if you are trying to make a comfortable and serious place at once.

Breezy Office
This home office bring a fresh and cool look. The white wooden table, shelves, cabinet and drawers complete the room with anything it needs as a study office. The minimalist study table makes an easy look that brings breezy feeling. The plants accessories support the theme along with rattan pendant above.

Small Bohemian
For those who only need small study place, this is one that can be looked up to. The small wooden study brings in easy yet strong natural look. This is perfectly combined with the white midcentury chair and floor lamp.

Minimalist Bohemian
Although bohemian is commonly not a minimalist look, this one here shows how these two can be combined prettily. The minimalist wooden table makes an easy look. The stool completes it make a minimal detail with the seat. The plants are potted in white and subtle look.

Around the Bush
This one here puts a really simple study table too with black color. The rattan chairs and the wooden support for the plant accessories really make a nice and complete look, along with the rattan floating shelves on the wall.

Wooden Triangle
In this one, the home study is placed in the corner with completely warm and fresh wooden look. The floor makes a warm background for the wooden table with triangle legs that can be used as shelves as well. The plants on the table and floating shelves make a nice accent.

Sturdy Study
This home office gives out a warm and strong look. The sturdy blocks that support the table top makes a rustic look. And this is completed with matching sturdy chair. The light and natural theme is amazingly beautiful.

White Bohemian
This one here puts an interestingly beautiful home office. The white modern touch makes a really pretty look. And this pretty look is combined with bohemian touches seen on the pink patterned rug, patterned ottoman, rattan chair, plants accessories and the fringed accessories.

Traditional Study
This home office would be a perfect place for those who love simple yet traditional look. The wooden table makes nice furniture with its lanky legs that match the lanky and thin golden iron chair. The simple rattan rug add a nice bohemian detail to the picture.

Modern Bohemian
This is another modern bohemian study spot. The simple wooden table makes a nice place to work on your work and the curvy chair brings an interesting detail.

Plants Fall
The unique details on the bohemian style is the natural touches. This one here puts plants on a fun and unique way by make it fall down and create a fresh frame to the study spot.

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