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bookcase with ladder and rail blue and white patterned area rug orange stools brown sofa beige armchairs window seat chandelier coffee table Cory Connor Designs

Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Blue Sofa Brown Ottoman Blue Cainet Frosted Glass Door Window Grey Shade Trunk Table Lamp Armchair Blue Rug
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Display Shelves Grey Sofa Rattan Chair Recessed Lighting White Ladder Wooden Floor Ladder Railing
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Wooden Dining Room Colorful Dining Chairs White Bookshelves Black Ladder Wooden Bench Wooden Floor Chandelier
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Green Office Chairs Built In Desk Wall Mounted Shelves White Wall Area Rug White Ladder And Railing
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Dark Brown Shag Area Rug Dark Brown Leathered Armchair Indoor Plant Artwork Led Lighting
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Crystal Chandelier Blue Tufted Ottoman Brown Armchair Side Table Grey Area Rug Vintage Cabinet Wall Scone Glass Doors
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Red Patterned Area Rugs Pendant Lights Noguchi Coffee Table Beige Sofa Office Chair And Desk Glass Windows
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Gold Staircase And Railing Patterned Area Rug Black Leathered Chair Antique Table Bookshelves
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Blue And White Patterned Area Rug Orange Stools Brown Sofa Beige Armchairs Window Seat Chandelier Coffee Table
Bookcase With Ladder And Rail Beige Wingback Armchairs Wooden Floor Big Clock Glass Windows Grey Walls Built In Bookshelves

A bookcase is often placed in a living room and a home library. Besides as a book storage, a bookcase can also be a nice display. You can put some decorations such as a small statue or a frame on it. When you get a high bookcase, you may need a bench or a ladder that can help everyone get the books they need.  While the rail can make the ladder function better. Therefore, a bookcase with ladder and rail is really recommended to have a big bookcase and an easy access. So here are best options of the intelligent bookcase with ladder and rail that may be your inspiration to complete your home.

A Contemporary Living Room

This bookcase has an intgral rail, a white ladder, as well as recessed lighting for two horizontal shelves used as a display purpose.The white shelves are minimal yet elegant for a contemporary living room.

Moveable Stair and Railing

A fun painting project that can make a huge difference in a room is to give a nice rich hue in a tall room feature. This bookcase with ladder and rail has an elegant color that can give a statement in this transitional room.

An Artistic Design

This is a creative way to make a built-in bookcase next to the gold spiral staircase. The tall bookcases and black ladders are built on both sides artistically.

A Built-In Bookcase

This built-in bookcase with ladder and rail may be another favorite design element for some people who like unique design. This white bookcase has a black rustic rail and a ladder with a unique design.

Recessed Lighting

Have a nice and beautiful lighting in a bookcase can be done by tucking LED rope lights or individual LED lamps behind the trim in each of the shelves. It makes a nice lighting effect on the bookcase.

Add Additional Function for A Dining Room

Fill the dining room wall with the bookcase to create an extraordinary background. This wall bookcase also provides a black ladder that will be a big help. Everyone can read comfortably in the stylish dining room chairs.

A Window Seat Between Bookcases

This handsome window seat is created with a nice design and situated between two bookcases that have a rustic library ladder and rail. The dark blue painted has decorated these room features in classic style.

The Bookcase Lighting

This massive bookcase is filled with so many books that make it doesn’t have space for recessed lighting. Hence, it has some black wall sconces that are installed on the top bookcase.

Wall Mounted Features

An artwork is not only the only thing to personalize your room walls. Instead, consider installing an affordable shelving or bookcase with ladder and rail. This home office has a wall-mounted desk and green office chairs for working.

A Golden Rail

This family room includes a custom bookcase with a ladder, gold rail, and the closets on both ends with frosted doors. You can read the books in the comfy seating.

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