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Floating Shelves In White And Blue Squares, White Rug, White Square Ottoman, White Round Pendant
Large Wooden Bookshelves With Large Hole Near The Top For Windows, White Wall, Red Floor Lamp, Wooden Floor, White Rug, White Sofa, Red And Blue Chairs, Woden Side Table
Floating White Wooden Bookshelves, Exposed Brick Wall, Wooden Floor, Orange Leather Chair
White Square Boxes For Bookshelves, Wooden Floor, Wooden Chair
Wooden Bookshelves, Sliding Doors, White Round Pendant, Wooden Ceiling, White Sofa, Wooden Coffee Table
Black Floating Shelves, Floating Squares Shelves Near The Stairs
White Wooden Bookshelves, Brown Wall, White Wooden Floor, Black Sofa, White Wooden Ceiling, Brown Leather Lounge Chair
Floating White Black Boxes Shelves, Wooden Floor, White Wall, Black Table, Grey Chair
Floating Corner Squares Boxes In White, Grey Wall, Window, Rattan Chair
Floating Square Boxes In Orange, White, Blue, Blue Wall, Black Shelves, White Blue Bedding, White Table Lamp, Wooden Floor

Bookshelves are essential to a reading corner. Without bookshelves, reading corner would be boring without all the stimulation. It would not feel as comfortable as it can be with bookshelves around where you can take the book you currently read and put it back to the bookshelves once you finish. Sometimes, bookshelves can look simple and minimalist. However, some other time, you can have fun with it and create an interesting look with bookshelves. If you love seeing things in more exciting way, these below are ten nice bookshelves you will love to have in your reading corner.

Fit the Room
Adding tall bookshelves that can cover your whole wall is really nice. However, spice up your game by fitting it to he room can be even more fun, especially when you have windows on the wall and you make some adjustment to the bookshelves so that the windows will be seen just perfectly. This way, the bookshelves look amazing and the room can still be lighted well.

Simple Squares
For those who love simplicity and minimalist furniture, square bookshelves like this one is perfect for any room. It can fit to a modern to farmhouse room. This one here puts a simple and minimalist bookshelves in the corner of the living room near the window where anyone can see the books better.

White Floating Shelves
This one here puts the same minimalist and simple bookshelves near the stairs but adding an interesting note by installing it floating. This way, you would be able to have some storage under the shelves where you can put ottoman, boots, kid’s toys and everything that would feel impossible to put on top.

Between the Glass
Treating bookshelves as the wall works well in this one. The area between the glass wall look pretty and comfortable for reading. This one is also complemented by the white chandelier that brings interesting note.

Floating Squares
Although it looks like a decoration, these floating squares can do a great job keeping your books safe while looking pretty for the room. It might not be really practical with lots of space wasted. Although this is a display, to actually have this nice accent at home can bring the fun.

Stair Space
Filling the space on the stair wall can be a nice idea. This way, you don’t have to find additional space to put your shelves. Besides the interesting space, the setting in this one shows a unique look as well, with floating square boxes arranged similar to the stairs, these shelves look brilliant.

Floating Boxes
Similar to the previous ones, this one also uses the idea of floating boxes. Not many boxes installed on the wall, the small space beside the bed is carefully decorated. The blue and white colors blend well with the wall while the orange puts a nice ring.

Corner Boxes
Although it looks similar to the previous boxes shelves, this one below puts an interesting setting by putting the boxes on the corner and create a really nice look.

Floating Irregularity
Still using the floating boxes, the bookshelves below puts an interesting setting. With boxes in different shapes and sizes, it creates an interesting floating bookshelves that will make you smile whenever you pass the corner.

Irregular Adjustment
Similarly, this one is also created with boxes in many different sizes and shapes. Fasted on every sides, these boxes made a unique bookshelves and without being uplifted from the floor.

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