Fooling Double Toilet in the Bathroom

long black floating toilet, matchign sink, golden faucet

Decorating a bathroom can be fun and tricky. There are many things you can do to make your bathroom unique. One of it is by holding similar items to appear like there are double items, like with toilet. Nobody would


The Open and Free Bathroom You Will Love

bathroom, wooden shelves, white tub, white sink, glass sliding door

Not everyone can feel comfortable with lots of openness. It might make others feel too exposed but to some other, having an open bathroom can make them feel more relaxed. And this is no problem at all especially if you


Elegant Bathroom with White Vaulted Ceiling

bathroom, white floor, white vaulted ceiling, white tub, wooden stools

If you are trying to get an elegant and modern bathroom, you would love to have tall vaulted ceiling that can help you accentuate the elegance and brightness in the bathroom. Bathroom with vaulted ceiling has already its own beauty


Strong Impression in the Dark and Natural Bathroom

bathroom, grey floor, wooden mat, wooden floating vanity, white sinks, white tub, wooden accent

If you love modern and natural style while also putting some strong details, you would love this one compilation below. The combination of black and wooden material or look makes a beautiful and interesting ambiance in the bathroom. Adding large


The Calm and Tranquility Found in the Bathroom

bathroom, white wall, cream neutral cabinet, white tub, pendants, windows, chair

Bathroom is an important part of the house. Having a beautiful bathroom where you can clean your body and relax your mind is amazing. This way, you will find yourself cheerful at starting you morning and calm at calling it


Vintage and Traditional Bathroom to Feel Calm

bathroom, white tiles, light green wall wainscoting, chandelier, white tub, green cabinet, make up table

If you want a bathroom that can help you not only getting your body cleansed but also a place where you can get some calming time and refresh your body and mind too, you would love a great comfortable place


Blushed and Fun Pink Bathroom to Help You Relax

bathroom, pink patterned wall tiles, white wall, white toilet, white sink, tall long mirror, bamboo stool

Pink can bring so many kinds of ambiance. When it goes soft, it brings out calming and sweet look but when it comes out strong, it brings out strong and cheerful look to the room. If you love pink, you


Stunningly Gorgeous Bathroom Floating Vanities

bathroom vanity, white wall, mirror, blue floating cabinet white top, pendants, white floor

So you have a bathroom that you would like to decorate with vanity but you’re looking for something that will give a light yet still pretty and strong touch? These below are gorgeous inspirations you can work on in the


Pretty and Beautiful White Patterned Details in the Bathroom

bathroom, patterned floor tiles, white wall tiles, dark green cabinet with white top, ovale mirror, white toilet

Even though it is usually a small place, a bathroom needs to be decorated prettily. The easiest and probably the most permanent thing to beautify a bathroom is by putting pretty patterned tiles to the wall or floor. If you


When Doing Laundry Becomes a Fun and Relaxing Activity

laundry room, orange patterned floor, white wall, white cabinet, white apron sink, round glass window, white cabinet

Even though you jsut have to put the dirty clothes inside a machine, doing laundry can be quite bothersome. You have o pick colors, you have to pick the right detergent. Sometimes it just makes you feel lazy to move