Fun and Cheerful Pretty Decorative Shelves

decorative shelves, wooden boxes, mirror, entrance

Shelves are always useful. It can be your storage and it can also hold your accessories. It gives volume to the room while it can prettify your room. Putting shelves is easy as you can do it in the living


Easy Breezy Entrance

entrance, marble floor, white exposed wall, shelves nook, white marble floating cabinet, glass sconce

Entrance is the first thing people would start to see your house. It is the first thing to impress and to tell them who you are. And there are so many ways to tell people who you are. However, if


Interesting Bookshelves to Go with in the House

wooden bookshelves, movable boxes, corner

Bookshelves are really important in the house. When you love to read, you would have books around and it can be really messy, especially when you are a collector of a book series. Even if you don’t like to read,


Getting Simple Look with Bench Sofa

wooden bench, blue cushion, shoe shelves.jpge cushion, floating wooden shelves, patio

These days, everyone likes to think of a more eco-friendly things in their life as tthe reaction of global warming issue. This has affected the way people decorate their house, especially with minimalism wave comes to popularity again. If you


Choosing Hanging Storage in the Kitchen

traditional wooden boards, long hooks

Keeping the kitchen tools clean and practical is one of the goals that you might have in the kitchen. It can be really messy and overwhelming work in a hot kitchen while you need to also figure out where things


Pretty Little Thing in Your Bedside

suitcases fot nightstand, white and blue

Adding a table at the side of your bed is something that people don’t realize they need at first. But, of course, you like to read before you go to sleep. And you like to put some pictures of your


Adding Natural and Warm Touches with Rattan Shelves

rattan shelves with curve on the side

Besides rattan chairs, you can also use rattan shelves to add warmth and natural details to your room. With rattan shelves, you would get pretty details and exotic ambiance from the shelves, besides its ability to store your accessories, books


The Fun and Cheerful Rattan Chairs

round rattan chair, wooden floor, white wall, patterned rug, wooden side table

Getting a natural look does not always mean getting minimalist. You can also get some fun details with natural look. It is because rattan and bamboo are the best thing to help you get it. You can add simple rattan


Completing the Living Room with Pretty Chairs

living room chair, wooden chair, blue cloth, grey pillows

Living room is a place where comfort should be gathered. This is where you want to be able to relax after a long day or in your weekend. This is also the place where you want to be able to


Stunningly Beautiful Nesting Tables for Living Room

nesting table, marble top, glass top, white top, grey rug, white chairs

Coffee table is always a nice detail to the living room. It can give you a place to hold your books or cups and mugs. It can give you storage under the table and some accessories on the surface. And