Giving Sweet Accents in the Living Room

living room, wooden floor, striped wall, pendants, purple sofa, wooden coffee table, grey chair, colorful rug

There are many ways in prettifying a living room. But you can always find it pretty when it matches your preference. Some may feel minimalist is a pretty thing while others might think pretty is when a living room has


Ten Sweet and Cute Living Rooms to Hang Out

living room, grey rug, pink accent wall, pink round ottoman, red chair, grey sofa, pendant

While talking about living room, there is this pretty and modern style that can make your room go brighter. With this style, you will find calm and simplicity in the living room. The smooth and sleek lines will beautify the


Getting Fresh Living Room through Several Options

living room, woodenf floor, white wall, white floor lamp, rattan rocking chair, grey sofa, geometrical coffee table, white rug

As living room is a place for everyone to gather and have a nice talk, it will be a place where warmth and comfort should be the priority. However, besides those qualities, having a fresh living room would also be


Snuggle Up in the Natural Living Room

living room, wooden floor, white wall, grey sofa, white rug, rattan pendant, white coffee table, rocking chair

Putting a beautiful living room is essential to the comfort and use of the living room itself. If it is not pretty and comfortable, who would want to sit around in the living room? Thus, you should decorate your room


Popping Darkness in the Natural Living Room

living room, grey floor, grey wall, grey sofa, rattan chairs, golden round coffee table, white patterned rug, black rattan pendant, black round side table, wooden cabinet

While natural look can be so refreshing and calming, you might think that it is because of the light and natural look of it. Well, the natural bit is right but it can be anything you like, even though light


Fresh and Natural Beach Themed Living Room

living room, white wooden floor, white wall, large glass window, white sofa, rattan chair, rattan pendant, rattan swing chair, white coffee table

Having a comfortable and bright living room is a perfect thing. You would be able to talk and have a good time with your family and friends in a really gorgeous ambiance where you would not want to get away.


Adding Natural Character in the Living Room

living room, white wooden floor, white wall, white sofa, rattan chair, rattan coffee office, rattan pendant, white round side table

As you would want to make sure that you can get comfortable in the living room, you would want to decorate your room that will bring out comfort. One of the easiest ways to make comfort in the living room


The Fresh Minimalist Living Room You will Love

living room, grey rug, white wall, wooden grid, brown corner sofa, white chair, black round side table

Living room is always a place where everyone will want to hang out when they have some free time. It is a place that can hold a family together and it is a place where friends can gather and talk


Getting Close to Talk One-to-One

pink velvet chairs, marble round coffee table, round mirror with golden accents,

In the living room, we would want to create comfortable living room. There would be sofa and chairs. However, if your job or position in the society might make you greet guests where you need to talk seriously, you will


It is Time to Get Relaxed in the Living Room

living room, wooden floor, white wall, white door, green tufted sofa, yellow side table, white floor lamp

Holiday season has brought tiredness with it. It is jolly and fun but when it’s all over, you will soon realize how tired you have become and how you long for the long hours of relaxing time in the living