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almost built in china cabinet in the shade of white cream with glass door and drawers Dona Rosene Interiors

White Tall Traditional China Cabinet
Almost Built In China Cabinet In The Shade Of White Cream With Glass Door And Drawers
Traditional Brown China Cabinet Without Door
Pinkish White China Cabinet With Glass Ringed Door And Drawers
Brown Wooden China Cabinet With 9 Shelves And Drawers
White Traditional China Cabinet With 10 Shelf
Tall Black Chine Cabinet
Moroccan Red China Cabinet
Dark Brown Wooden High China Cabinet With Glass Door And Wooden Door Under
Light Brown Raw Wooden China Cabinet With Twelve Shelves And Drawers

When you have your own collection of china, you will want to make sure that all your collection will be safely kept. If you like to keep your china in its special safe, you will love to get hold on china cabinet. As it will not only keep your china safe but it will also help you to decorate your room as china cabinet can be as beautiful as the china you want to put. Here are some ideas you can pick.

The Apple of Your Eye

The color of this one is really pretty and bold. With its red orange color, it will not wash out the color around it but it will make the room look fresh. You can put the china you wish to show on top drawers with its glass door and keep the rest on the drawers below.

White Spacious Cabinet

This one is really simple. The shelves are without door and it will deliver the best catch to your chine you wish to show off.

Brown Traditional Cabinet

This one is really simple both in model and also color. There are some drawers on top and below.

Closed Tall Cabinet

This one is particularly built in with your kitchen furniture and when you close the door, you only see black smooth surface.

White Corner China Cabinet

Right, it’s not only china cabinet but also corner cabinet. The thing with corner cabinet is that you add unique accent to your room without making it complicated. This one is in the shade of white and simply built in.

Simple Tall China Cabinet

dark brown wooden high china cabinet with glass door and wooden door under


This one is simple. The cabinet is divided in two sides and consists of some drawers from top to toe. The drawer below is with wooden door whereas the upper is with glass door.

White Raw Natural

This one is beautiful in sense of its natural feeling. The white paint doesn’t drown the raw wooden pattern of the wood. Without glass door, it is perfect for you who love simplicity.

Brown Polished Cabinet

This one is similar with the previous one but it has brown color and the surface is polished until it shines.

Pinkish Sturdy Cabinet

Despite its pink hint on the white surface, it is strong enough to keep your china safe. The drawers are so many too that you can keep all the sets you have.

Built-in Cabinet

It’s so pretty well made. The cabinet is so soft in the color but has strong unique side on how it is placed. You can see that it’s almost one with the wall but it’s still has its own body.

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