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bathroom, colorful tiny floor tiles, brown wall tiles, white tub, green velvet chair, chandelier, orange green floor lamp,golden accessories Desire to Inspire

Bathroom, White Marbe Wall, Marble Floor, Round Mirror, Blue Floating Cabinet, Blue Floating Vanity, White Tub
Bathroom, Blue Floor And Wall Tiles, Blue Patterned Wall And Floor, White Tub, White Toilet
Bathroom, Colorful Tiny Floor Tiles, Brown Wall Tiles, White Tub, Green Velvet Chair, Chandelier, Orange Green Floor Lamp,golden Accessories
Bathroom, Blue Green Patterned Tiles On The Wall And Floor, White Subway Tiles, Silver Tub, Mirror
Bathroom, Blue Wall, Patterned Floor, Patterned Accent Wall, White Sconces, White Curvy Sink, White Toilet
Bathroom, Grey Floor, Grey Tub With White Inside, White Wall, Patterned Wall Tiles, Golden Standing Mirro
Bathroom, Pink Wall, Colorful Patterned Ceiling, Golden Framed Mirror, Golden Tub, White Patterned Rug, Sconces
Bathroom, Pink Wall, Accent Wall, Pink Cabinet, White Tub, White Pendants, White Chairs, Tiny Floor Tiles, Framed Mirror
Bathroom, Pink Patterned Floor Tiles, Wooden Cabinet With Pink Space Inside With Drawers, White Tiny Wall Tiles White Tub
Bathroom, Patterned Floor, Black Wall, Black Toilet, Patterned Wall, Floating Wooden Cabinet, Round Mirror

Bathroom has so many things that you can put details on. That is why bathroom is always a fun place to create. You can play with every little thing. In the bathroom, you might want to create a nice place to relax at night and you would want a practical place that would help you get ready every morning. Thus, you might need a bathroom that both can offer an elegant and bright details. Although colorful look might not be in line with elegant bathroom, there are some ways you can do in combining elegance with colorful look. Here below are some examples you need.

Patterns All Around
Making a merry place can be done by combining colors and patterns. This one here puts patterns on many places. It decorates on the ceiling, accent wall and floor. All different patterns make a colorful ambiance in this elegance bathroom. The pastel details bring the elegance along with the pendants, cabinet, mirror and window.

Golden Tub
This small space looks so elegance and glamorous with the golden tub in the middle that matches with the golden in the mirror. The patterned ceiling matches the vibe under while successfully add some fun in the room.

Patterned Floor
Traditional patterned floor tiles have great effect in the room. This bathroom looks amazing with the patterned floor tiles that also continues on the wall in the shower area. Combined with curvy white vanity, this bathroom brings out amazing detail.

Colorful Wall
If you want to create something colorful without making the space looks too much, you can add color for half of the wall. This one here shows how patterned tiles completes the golden lines in the bathroom. The golden standing mirror compliments the room beautifully.

Tropical Patterned
This one puts tropical patterns on the wall and floor and makes the room both elegance and fresh. The black wall matches the dark patterned wall and floor while the tropical pattern will gives fun vibe.

Elegant Pattern
Similar to the previous, this one also uses patterned tiles both on the floor and wall. And this pretty patterned tiles make the bathroom elegant and fun. The blue and green color puts out an interesting vibe. The large mirror gives double effect for the pattern.

Soft Colors
This one gives colors in soft hue and still easily brings fun in the bathroom. The marble wall and floor brings out the elegant feeling in the room along with the glass pendants above.

Colorful Floor
This bathroom successfully puts colorful and vibrant vibe and still create an elegant look. This bathroom puts both amazingly. The colorful floor tiles brings out fun vibe while the golden lighting fixture and golden accessories create the glamorous ambiance in the room.

Blue Patterns
Although this one room uses white and blue only, the patterns on the wall and floor. This room still pronounces beauty and fun.

Wooden and Pink
Although this one gives neutral look in the wooden cabinet. The pink space inside gives soft and pastel outlook for the bathroom that strengthens the luxury ambiance. However, the pink pattern floor tiles gives some fun in the neutral ambiance.

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