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Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Cabinet With Glass Sliding Door, White Wall
Wooden Floating Boxes Arrange Togetehr, White Wall
Wooden Corner Shelves, White Geometrical Wall Lines, Wooden Cabinet With White Top
Wooden Floating Shelves, Wooden Floating Boxes, Grey Concrete Wall
Glass Floating Shelves, Pink Patterned Wall, Golden Lines
Tall Wooden Floating Shlves, White Bakcsplash, Wooden Floating Box
Wooden Floating Shelves, White Cabinet, Wooden Counter Top, Wooden Backsplash, Red Pendant, Green Sconce
White Wooden Open Floating Shelves, White Shiplanks, Brown Counter Top, White Shelves
Wooden Open Shelves, White Cabinet, White Wall
Wooden Opend Shelves, Larger On Top, Narrower On The Bottom, White Wall, White Square Backsplash Tiles, Wooden Counter To

Making sure that your kitchen has everything it needs is important. Many kitchens are completed with top cabinet to make sure maximum storage. However, some kitchen that wants to look simpler and larger, omitting top cabinet can be one perfect solution. It would help making the room looks lighter and brighter. It also gives more friendly remarks to those who come in the room. Having an open shelves on top of the kitchen cabinet also allows you to search anything faster as you can see better. If you’re looking for some inspirations, below are ten stunning ideas you can look up to.

Clear Shelves
If you have a pretty backsplash like this one, you might want to pronounce it more. With clear glass shelves, you would not add too much details besides the pretty wall, as seen in this one. The golden lines do not add disturbing details but more of adding more beautiful details.

Wooden Shelves
This one here puts an interesting and warm look with wooden floating shelves. Making it more interesting is the wooden cabinet above with semi see through glass that makes it almost open yet not really. This has made the spot a more beautiful space.

White Open Shelves
This kitchen has a modern look with the white open shelves. It adds the white kitchen a warm and friendly look. With white blue china on it, the space makes an interesting ombre look.

Tall Open Shelves
Similar to the previous one, this one also puts a stacked look on the wall. This is perfect when you want to maximize one part of the wall but it’s narrow. Piled up look like this one can help you with that.

Corner Shelves
Corner of the wall is probably one the most challenging spot. Here below, though, is a nice use of the corner. Putting a simple and nice wooden corner shelves allows you to have addition storage, like this one here.

Big and Small
This kitchen has a unique yet practical set of floating shelves. The two on top have larger and wider space while the bottom two have narrower width. This is a smart setting for arranging the seasoning and the pans.

Large Shelves
This one has a completely helpful shelves. The large shelves make a lot of room to put and store all your kitchen tools and seasoning. The roomy boxes make a nice and light look, without making anything crowded.

Floating Boxes
Besides putting real shelves on the wall, you can also arranging some boxes floated on the wall. It would create a nice shelves with some secure wall on the side.

Modern and Open
This one here has a really narrow floating shelves that looks so pretty. It does not only give space to store but place to decorate.

Floating Darkness
With darker and deeper colored wooden shelves, the kitchen would have some rustic ambiance, like this one. The dark wooden floating boxes and the shelves have a nice blend with the concrete wall.

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