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sofa and pillow throws in brown tone IKEA yellow chair light blue table white painted wooden rooftop deck clay pots Chris Pardo Design - Elemental Architecture

Classic Front Porch Idea Painted In White IKEA Table And Bench Sets With Matching Pillow Throws White Umbrella White Table Wooden Deck Floor
Soft Palette Sofas And Wall Ideas Brass Candle Holders Wooden Coffee Table Black And White Ceramic Tiles Brick Walls
Backyard Patio With A Fire Feature And Decomposite Granite Sand Floor Deck Wooden Floor IKEA Chair Sets White Pillow Throws
IKEA Dark Gray Rattan Framed Sectional Cushions Sets Cream Rug White Pot
Sofa And Pillow Throws In Brown Tone IKEA Yellow Chair Light Blue Table White Painted Wooden Rooftop Deck Clay Pots
Farmhouse Patio With Plastic Awning Repainted IKEA Chairs In White Light Toned Wooden Floor White Wall White Table
IKEA Blue Chair Sets Round Table A Vase Of Sunflowers Wooden Deck Balcony Floor
Window Framed Glasses Crushed Limestone Bakyard Floor Green And Yellow IKEA Chairs Brick Walls Red Freestanding Fireplace
IKEA Chair Set Table Bench Chair Grey And White Painted Wooden Deck Wall Concrete Tile Pavement Fire Feature
IKEA Hanging Chairs White Walls Concrete Floors Green Plants

Having the right set of chairs might be frustrating to us because all of the types look beautiful. However, not all of the furniture are versatile. It may beautify or somewhat worsen the exterior design if the furniture does not match with the theme you want to employ. Here, you can peek some ideas using IKEA Outdoor Furniture that you can try.

Contemporary Backyard Patio with a Fire Feature and Decomposed Granite

The outdoor fire feature in this backyard patio is beautified by these IKEA chair sets. The decomposed granite match well with the sandbox in this area and this is a great way to have a natural look on your contemporary backyard.

Backyard in Dashing Color

Covering your backyard in crushed limestone help your bill as it needs minimum maintenance. The colorful chairs from IKEA in green and yellow can be combined with other furniture from other brand, or you can go full IKEA if you want.

Farmhouse Patio Idea with Repainted IKEA chairs

Repainting is a good idea to keep your balance because it is cheaper compared to buy the new furniture. Here the owner matches the color of the painted IKEA chairs with the white plastic awning for clean look.

Traditional Patio Using IKEA Table and Bench Set with Umbrella

Having an umbrella in your patio is somewhat uncommon idea yet it helps much if your patio have bright sun light. The umbrella can give a good shade. Even if it is not used, the umbrella can be the focal point either.

Romantic Exterior Design in IKEA

Surrounded by soft palette color this living room idea is going to give you a vibrant yet calming effect. Adding the candles all around the room in candle holders makes the room to be more romantic, especially when you add some fresh roses to be the focal point.

IKEA Hanging Chairs in Oceanic Style

The photo below has an oceanic view thus the owner paints the room in white and adds the IKEA hanging chairs. If you think that the room looks too simplistic as it has very few pleasing things. You can add pendant lamps or use multi colored ceramic tiles for more vibrant look.

Sectional IKEA Dark Gray Sofa

A sectional cushions can be placed in the corner to fill the empty space and this is a good way to make your house to be cozier. The furniture are quite durable and classier you can use it for a  long time.

IKEA Outdoor Furniture for Rooftop Deck

IKEA outdoor furniture are perfect for your rooftop area. they are designed for outside purpose and you can add some shades or umbrella if the sunlight is too bright.

IKEA Chair Set in Transitional Balcony Idea

This blue IKEA chair sets look good on transitional balcony. The background is painted in black and white while the chair set makes the focal point area. The yellow sunflowers obviously match the beauty of the chairs.

Grey IKEA Chair Set in Traditional Patio

Here the owner uses grey color as the main theme. He paints the IKEA chair sets in grey and uses concrete tiles and he also paints the wooden deck wall in grey too. The natural color of green leaves balance the look and it is perfect.

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