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knives stand with books and filler, wooden table, wooden wall DIY Joy

Bottle Corks For Plate Pad, Yellow Pan
Black Metal Basket With Wooden Seating For Storing Kitchen Tools
Black Wall, Wooden Floating Shelves, Seasoning Bottles
Black Board Decoration On The Wall With Small Plants With White Pots, Grey Wall, Silver Fridge, Black Marble Kitchen Top
Rattan Basket To Store Kitchen Tools
Bottle Corks As Stands, Wooden Table, White Mug
Knives Stand With Books And Filler, Wooden Table, Wooden Wall
Rattan Baskets In Metal Racks For Seasoning And Vegetables
Wired Basket For Floating Storafe
Wooden Floating Shelves With Seasoning Bottles Under, Hooks For Mugs

Decorations can be something that will help you to beautify your space. It will make your space to be warmer and friendlier. And with pretty decorations, you would feel happier in moving about in your space. And that’s why it is important to make some details in the kitchen as it can be the most serious place where you work with knives, heat, and probably failure and disappointment. And here below are ten ideas of small decorations you can add to your kitchen.

While some people can feel easy when they tear paper and put it on the fridge, some other think it would be a waste and make the space too cramped and not tidy. To clear the problem, blackboard can be put up on the wall like this one here. And to make it sweeter, some plants decorations are also put up there.

Book Stands
While knives stand can look so simple and practical and make the space clean, for you who love something unique, knives stand can look in many designs that you would love too, like this one here. With old book covers as the shape of the knives stands, this one would loved very much by the bookworms.

Corks Stands
While the knives stand can look so endearing with book shape, this one here looks so endearing because of the reuse of the bottle corks. With eco-friendly campaign, this bottle corks stand here would not only prettify your kitchen but also help you manage your waste.

Corks Pad
This one is another brilliant trick to reuse your bottle corks. Here, the corks are arranged to be heat pad so that your table, especially the wooden one, would not be burnt. And it’s a pretty thing too, to have your corks help you keep your table well.

Rattan Basket
This low rattan basket creates a particular space to keep your kitchen tools. In this basket, you would be able to store the thing that you take out most so that it would help you faster.

Classic Basket
With more classic look, this one here is also perfect to decorate your kitchen. This will help a more modern styled kitchen to tidy up their space and still look firm.

Floating Shelves
This floating shelve is small yet the details make it pretty. The seasoning bottles installed under the wood surface looks unique and unusual but it surely add more pretty touches here.

Blackboard with Shelves
Combining blackboard and wooden floating shelves, this one here looks simple and tidy. The same seasoning bottles let the space looks clean and pretty as the color of the inside is seen clearly.

Floating Basket
To store your fruits and vegetables, you can use unused basket and create your own floating basket. It is pretty doable and if you’re lucky to get the right ingredients, you can create something like this.

Basket on the Racks
This one here shows a pretty and tidy space with rattan baskets help to store the vegetables and ingredients along with clear bottles for seasoning.

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