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living room with wooden floor, rug, ottomans, low grey sofa, pillows, brown covered table lamps, plants, open brick accent wall Pinterest

Living Room With Moroccan Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Brown Leather Sofa, Earthy Colored Pillows
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Dark Sofa With Dark Pillows, Clothes, Pictures, Plant
Living Room With Rug, Wooden Box For Coffee Table, Low Bench With Grey Cushion, Pillows, Plants, Lace In Curtains, Bamboo Chair
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Ottoman, Pink Modern Sofa, White Curtain, Rattan Chair, Wooden Coffee Table With Glass Top, Rattan Pendant
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Brown Leather Corner Sofa, White Wall, Fringe Chandelier, White Curtain
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Grey Sofas, Bamboo Swing Chair, Round Rattan Coffee Table
Living Room With Wooden Floor, White Rug, Wooden Coffee Table, Dark Sofa With Dark Pillows, Clothes, Pictures, Plant
Living Room With White Wall, White Ceiling, Wooden Floor, Pink Large Persian Rug, Light Grey Sofa, White Coffee Table
Living Room With Wooden Floor, Rug, Ottomans, Low Grey Sofa, Pillows, Brown Covered Table Lamps, Plants, Open Brick Accent Wall
Living Room With Rug, Pillows With Warm Material Cover, Bench With Blanket

Although bohemian style can sometimes look cluttered and some people, with minimalist modern look getting so popular, prefer something simpler, it doesn’t make bohemian style is forgotten. On the contrary, bohemian style has been coming back but with more modern look, especially on the living room. The warmth and eclectic fun it has is still there to bring the comfortable ambiance. To see some seriously impressive ideas on modern bohemian style in living room, below are some of the representatives.


Close to Nature

As bohemian style always feels like, this one here also has nature call so strongly. The wooden coffee table here looks so grand and match perfectly with the brown leather sofa completed with earthy colored pillows. The Persian rug also adds bohemian ambiance to the room.


With Fun Swing

The comfortable feeling is one of what bohemian style look for. And all is completed with natural look and material. Here, the comfort is one the earthy color sofas with its clean lines and bamboo swing chair. The white rug with the rattan woven round coffee tables are a great final touch to the room.


Modern yet So Warm

Modern and minimalist look can sometimes have cold feeling. And bohemian sometimes has too many fringes, and less simplicity. However, with modern bohemian, the problem is solved. A muted sofa with clean lines might be really modern. But, combined with earthy rug, chairs, and some plants, the room becomes natural and warm.


A Good Clash

Modern and bohemian style is a good clash. It soften each strong characteristic without eliminating the distinctive ones. The dark sofa and cabinet is sleek and sophisticated but the sofa has fluff element and probably too many pillows. And the rug is probably matches in color with the modern look but its pattern represents boho style so strongly. This make the room looks interesting, comfortable, and young.


Cosy and Simple Look

With bohemian characteristics, a room can look so cluttered and not practical. To let the modern vibe must mean to let go the impracticality and too many decorations. Even the color scheme can change the look. This one here has black and beige colors. It’s monochrome but still earthy. It is such a genius combination.


Earthy Color

When modern and bohemian styles are mixed, one of them will look stronger. With this one here, although the sofa, table, and lamp has clean lines, but the color choices are earthy and warm. The rug and ottoman are looking so bohemian.


Bohemian Pattern

When you want to change modern style room to modern bohemian, it can be really easy. All you have to do is putting earthy colors and some bohemian pattern for decorations. And, of course, all are from wooden and natural material.


Boho Rug

Another simple thing to turn your room into a clash of modern with bohemian is by putting a bohemian rug. It can be rug with gypsy motive or Persian motive.


Light and Boho

Although bohemian style can bring out all warm colors in one place, you can minimize that by using soft and muted colors instead. By still using fluffy look and natural material, your bohemian character is still on. Adding a lace to the curtain will help you shade the light and also get the bohemian fringe a little bit.


Fringe Chandelier

Once you have achieved both modern and bohemian look, you can add some decoration that can bears both characters. Here is what this one did, putting fringe chandelier. It is both interesting and special touch to the room.

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