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green wall art decoration open shelves glass window stripped armchair wooden table grey sofa table lamps ceiling lights Diane Bishop Interiors

White Flat Panel Cabinet Wooden Chandelier Tiled Backsplash White Arm Chair Wooden Dining Space Area Rug Palm Leaves Wooden Floor
Exposed Beams Swing Chair Contemporary Beeding Brick Wall Arched Window Bedroom Lamp
Green Wall Art Decoration Open Shelves Glass Window Stripped Armchair Wooden Table Grey Sofa Table Lamps Ceiling Lights
Arch Lamp Open Shelves Bluw Sofa Red Throw Pillow Wooden Coffee Table Grey Area Rug Wooden Floor Window Covering Wall Picture White Trim
Open Staircase Cubbies Wooden Floor Brick Wall Lounge Area Rug Covered Ceiling Brown Cabinet
Wine Room Wine Storage Glass Wall Glass Door Marble Floor Mosaic Tiled Wall Wooden Floor Pendant Light Bamboo Rack Dining Area
White Sofa Covered Ceiling Chandelier Accent Pillow Accent Area Rug Round Glass Table Wooden Table Arched Doorway Wooden Floor Window Covering Dining Area Kitchen
Wooden Wall Grey Wall Grey Bedding Floor Mirror Framed Mirror Area Rug Wooden Floor Book Shelves
Exposed Beams Black Trim Wooden Dining Table Dining Chairs Pendant Lights Barn Door Gas Fireplace Area Rug Wooden Floor Candlesticks Bar Stools
White Stair Crown Molding Grey Sofa Long Coffee Table Area Rug Maple Vanity Wooden Floor Artwork Recessed Lights Kitchen Dining Area

It is most people’s dream to have the best and the most appealing design for their house along with its rooms. Attractive home designs providing them different and varied choice are the things that they look for. Therefore the works of professional interior home designers in Philadelphia can be the source of your inspiration.

Coastal Transitional Living Room

This beautiful coastal transitional living room in Philadelphia gives you clean look in white with the touch of blue in some stuffs. The arched doorway enable you to move freely between the living room or the dining area to the kitchen. The wooden table and round glass coffee table are set to feature this lovely room.

Contemporary Rustic Philadelphia Dining Area

If you are looking for a cool interior design of dining area inspired by Philadelphia design, you can go with this style. It combines the contemporary and industrial style with enchanting pendant lights and wooden dining table. You can also set a gas fireplace and amazing barn door. It is such an amazing idea of dining area in rustic style.

Contemporary Stairs in Philadelphia

In this Philadelphia house, you can have contemporary wooden staircase on the side of white painted tiled wall. The transitional siding beside the stairs function as the cabinet and storage system in cubic shape. You may have a comfortable lounge and area rug to enjoy this house.

Beach Kitchen of a House in Philadelphia

This stunning kitchen style in Philadelphia presents you with white look of kitchen set and armchairs. The clean look of white matched with the wooden dining area and and lovely wooden ceiling light. It is more refreshing since you can put palm leaves on your dining table to boost your mood.

Philadelphia Barn House Bedroom

It is a bedroom in barn house style with grey and red as the main colors. This bedroom is more interesting with the wooden siding and classic wooden bookshelves. It can be a creative choice as well to put floor mirror in this room.

Modern Philadelphia Living Room

It is an idea of modern transitional living room in Philadelphia with some art decorations applied. It has unique long coffee table and wooden vanity matched with the sofa there.

Industrial Bedroom in Philadelphia

It is an interior design of industrial bedroom in Philadelphia with brick wall and arched glass window. Beside having exposed beams as the appealing feature, this bedroom also has swing chair overlooking the bedroom. It is not only a place to have a rest but also to do your works.

Philadelphia Wine Room

It is a dining area which is designed next to the incredible wine room. Between these two rooms, there is glass door as the transitional siding. The dining room has some interesting features like bamboo shelves and drum pendant lights.

Urban Condo Living Room Interior Design in Philadelphia

This contemporary living room has some stuffs to be the spotlights: the open bookshelves, the arch floor lamp and wooden coffee table. The blue sofa also gives you more spirit to be the main focus in this room.

Mid-Century Living Room

This fabulous living room serves you the genteel feeling with its open bookshelves, the stripped armchair and the other furniture. This room looks more alive with the amazing wall decoration applied.

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