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bedroom, pinkish floor, white wall, peach curatin, white bed, pink sofa, chandelier It's Livvy's Mom's World

Living Room, Beige Rug, White Curvy Back Sofa, Brown Wall, Chandelier, Pink Sofa, Coffee Table
Bathroom, Brick Floor Tiles, Wooden Wall, Balck Tub, Wooden Rack, Wooden Door, Chandelier
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, White Wooden Cabinet, Blue Island With White Detailed Stool, Chandelier
Living Room, Wooden Floor, Beige Sofa, White Coffee Table With Detailed, Flower Chair, White Side Table, White Table Lamp
Bedroom, Pinkish Floor, White Wall, Peach Curatin, White Bed, Pink Sofa, Chandelier
Shabby Bathroom, White Rug, White Bench, White Wall, White Tub, Crystal Chandelier, Beige Cabinet, Mirror With Detailed Frame
A Room, Wooden Floor, Pink Shabby Cabinet, Pink Flower Wallpaper, White Framed Window, Shabby Table Lamp, Turquoise Chair With White Classic Frame
Kitchen With Wooden Floor, Turquoise Wall, White Cabinet, Wooden Top, White Cabinet With Details, Pink Chair
Whiteshabby Bedroom, White Wooden Plank, Dark Wooden Floor, Rug, White Tufted Headboard, White Bedding, White Side Table, Mirror, White Wall Decor
A Kitchen, Flower Wallpaper, Soft Pastel Green Cabinet, Floating Shelves, White Wooden Floor, Shade

Although modern style has gained its popularity, shabby chic style still has its own charm and lovers. And it is understandable as it has adorable look that will sweeten the ambiance in a room. The sweet details and color has made it a comfortable and cute option to decorate the room. Below here are ten ideas in putting up shabby chic look around the house.

Shabby Room
Shabby look is closely related to an old and classic design in the furniture with soft and pastel colors. This one here shows all those characteristics in the chair, cabinet, and table lamp that it has strong shabby chic ambiance.

Shabby Green Kitchen
In this kitchen, the soft pastel green cabinet puts up strong chic style. The flowery wallpaper helps the room to look comfortable and sweet with strong impression. This setting is perfect for those who love sweet and calm kitchen.

Detailed Stool
This farmhouse kitchen is so easy to turn into shabby chic look. The comfortable feeling in the cabinet is strengthen with blue wooden island completed with detailed backs and chandelier.

Barbie Kitchen
This one here is like coming out of your play toys. The pink and turquoise combination looks so sweet and complementing each other. The white cabinet matches the chandelier very well with their beautiful details.

Shabby Bedroom
As shabby holds details like vintage and classic style, a shabby chic bedroom can look grand instead, like this one here. The layered curtain above the bed looks grand and soft at the same time. Completed with crystal chandelier along with comfortable sofa, this room has an elegant touch.

White Shabby Bedroom
Shabby chic bedroom can do well with white too, like this one here. The white wooden wall and cabinet get along perfectly. The white bedding matches the floating wall decor above the headboard and create a comfortable look altogether.

Classic Living Room
With shabby chic look, you would be able to get vintage look in the room. This one here completes the look with flowery patterned pillows, rug, and chair while the rest furniture is also in the similar colors.

Elegant Chic
Similar to the previous one, this one here is shabby chic style implemented in the living room too. With interesting white curvy sofa with golden lines, this living room shows an elegant vibe, especially with mirrored coffee table and crystal chandelier.

Chic Bathroom
Not only those rooms that can be decorated with shabby chic. Bathroom can also be decorated in shabby chic and made elegant. This one shows an interesting look in the choice of cabinet and bench. The combination of beige color and golden details brings in luxurious look.

Shabby Bathroom
While the previous one presents a luxurious bathroom, this one here presents a more shabby look with brick floor tiles and wooden wall. This bathroom has simple setting but with strong textures and style.

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