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solid shower base wall mirror sliding glass shower doors recessed light wall sconce beige floating cabinet white top towel holder Sarah Bernardy Design

Solid Shower Base Wall Mirror Sliding Glass Shower Doors Recessed Light Wall Sconce Beige Floating Cabinet White Top Towel Holder
Solid Shower Base Glass Shower Door Wall Mirror White Textured Walls Black Wooden Floating Vanity White Sink Faucet Window Recessed Lighting
Solid Shower Base Window Built In Tug Bamboo Shade Stone Floor And Wall Tiles Glass Shower Door Bege Vanity Granite Top Sinks Mirror Sconces
Solid Shower Base Glass Shower Door White Flat Panel Vanity White Top Sink Faucet Towel Hoks Window Shelves Wall Mirror
Solid Shower Base White Subway Walls Tile Toilet Glass Sower Wall Waterproof Concrete Floor Built In Sink Towel Holder Recessed Light
Solid Shower Base Wall Sconces Floating Double Vanity Sinks Faucets Wall Mirror Glass Shower Doors Recessed Light Skylight Window
Solid Shower Base Grey Subway Walls Tiles Black And White Artwork Glass Shower Door Grey Valance Window Freestanding Sink Wooden Floor
Solid Shower Base Recessed Lighting Wooden Floating Vanities Glass Mirrors Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub Wall Sconces Glass Shower Door
Solid Shower Base White Floor Tile White Mosaic Wall Tile Black And White Vanity White Sink Wall Mounted Faucet Wall Mirror Glass Shower Door Wall Sconce
Solid Shower Base Beige Vanity Dark Brown Top Sink Faucet Sliding Glass Window Glass Shower Door Wall Mirror Built In Bench Toilet

If you’re looking to replace your old shower base or create a good space for shower, you can go with a solid shower base. You can find a solid shower base in a standard or custom size. The high-quality base is so recommended since it has been tested for a slip test that will be safe for everyone. Maintenance and clean it regularly, the solid shower base will not glossy and slippery. It is solid, durable as a tank, and customizable in every way. It will not flex or bend when you walk on it, so smooth and comfortable. Here are some amazing solid shower base ideas that will inspire you to have a sturdy and nice shower base in your bathroom.

Solid Shower Base and Countertops

Besides the white solid shower base, this bathroom vanity also has a solid surface countertops. It looks so clean and neat. An accent wall is shown inside the shower space as a decorative element.

A Retro Bathroom

The grey metro tiled bathroom has created a classic yet modern feel. The shower floor is an acrylic low profile shower tray which is a solid surface. The wooden flooring is also featured to increase the vintage and modern look of this bathroom.

A White Bathroom

A white bathroom is a right choice for you who want a clean and minimalist bathroom. This color and design are also suitable for a narrow bathroom that can make space look wider.

A Contemporary Master Bathroom

You can look for a solid shower base in a rectangular shape to fill the bathroom which has a hidden end drain. A freestanding acrylic bathtub is also provided in this spacious bathroom as an additional luxury feature.

A Bathroom with Neutral Colors

How do you feel about these neutral colors? These colors can show a tidy and clean bathroom look. The white solid shower base makes a statement for the shower area.

Exploit the Corners

Corner shower enclosure is one of the best decorating elements for a bathroom that refuse to conform to the standard dimensions. This corner shower also features a custom-made white solid shower base to fit the space.

A Solid Shower Pan

The shower has a solid shower pan, and the rest of the bathroom has a tile flooring. It also a nice contrast to the existing Limestone floor. An advantage of a solid base is easier to maintain as there are no grout joints to clean.

Swanstone Solid Shower Base

This bathroom has a beautiful Swanstone as a shower base. You can easily buy it at the local store. The shower also offers a built-in bench that will create a spa-like bathroom.

A Square Solid Shower Base

This very solid shower base has a center drain and has enough thickness. You should install this solid base correctly. It’s very durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain.

The White Shower Tile

This white bathroom with a solid shower base looks so clean and minimalist. The white mosaic wall tile decorates this room beautifully.

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