Interesting Bookshelves to Go with in the House

wooden bookshelves, movable boxes, corner

Bookshelves are really important in the house. When you love to read, you would have books around and it can be really messy, especially when you are a collector of a book series. Even if you don’t like to read,


Creating Brilliant Reading Corner with Bookshelves

white square boxes for bookshelves, wooden floor, wooden chair

Bookshelves are essential to a reading corner. Without bookshelves, reading corner would be boring without all the stimulation. It would not feel as comfortable as it can be with bookshelves around where you can take the book you currently read


Creating Comfortable Reading Spot in the Living Room

wooden floating shelves, wooden floor, wooden table, navy wall

When you have a large house, you might easily find a room for library or study room. However, when you have limited space or you just want to have an open room for library, you might want to have your


More than Just a Decoration and More than Just Storage

rainbow pegboard with hooks and small boxes

When you decorate your room, you will want to make sure that you have everything you need. And you might also want to make sure that you have given the room the accessories or decoration that it needs, to create


Splendid Ideas to Put Bookcases in Every Nook and Cranny

bedroom with wooden floor, white wall and ceiling, grey bed, bookshelves near the nightstands, under the bench

Bookcases or bookshelves are something we can’t decline to have.  It’s either magazines recipe book, or novels. They need a place where they will not be the clutters in our home and they will be more taken care of. If


Home Library for the Bookworms in the House

small home library with pink chair, ottoman, rug, white window frame, lamp, white wooden bookcase

For those who love to read, the existence of bookcases or bookshelves in the house will be as tremendously important as a chair or sofa in a living room. It is not only the place to store the books that


Seriousness versus Comfort in Home Office Area

home office with grey floor, white wooden table, white mid century chair

Nowadays, there are so many jobs that don’t require you to go to the office. You can do your job from home as long as there is internet connection. But, of course, even though you can do your job in


Best Options of Intelligent Bookcase with Ladder and Rail

bookcase with ladder and rail blue and white patterned area rug orange stools brown sofa beige armchairs window seat chandelier coffee table

A bookcase is often placed in a living room and a home library. Besides as a book storage, a bookcase can also be a nice display. You can put some decorations such as a small statue or a frame on


Swapping Space with Beauty and More Space

built in bed in the window sill with white wooden bedding, bookshelves inside, grey patterned cushion, ceiling lamp, wall lamp

To save some space in bedroom, one can built bed into the room. That way, it doesn’t need to be moved so that it will always be a perfect part of the room and it will be a perfect comfortable