The Interesting and Energizing Playful Colors in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor, blue cabinet, wooden top, white backsplash tile, white ceiling, blue shade, blue pendant, black table set

Having colors in the kitchen can make the kitchen feels energizing and fun. Beautifully designed, it will make you feel always positive even if you face failure in your cooking. And these below are stunning kitchens with strong color playing


The Fun and Playful Kitchen in Modern Fusion

kitchen, wooden wall, striped rug, green wooden bottom cabinet, terazzo kitchen top, blue upper cabinet, floating shelves, white cabinet, white and green pantry

Although modern look loves to have neutral colors on the sight and tend to not using colorful furniture to decorate the room, but it does not mean that it is impossible to mix and blends modern design with colored touch.


Playful Bright Color Scheme in the Kitchen

kitchen, wooden floor ,white wall, glossy orange blue grey bottom cabinet, glossy blue grey red green shelves, yellow shelves, table

Playful colors always make the room feel fun and energized. Besides, it shows the fun characteristics of the owner too. With bright colors, it is easy to always feel happy and refresh. And putting colorful notion in a kitchen can